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Western Digital's new 24TB WD Gold gold disk HDD goes on sale overseas with a price of US $630.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) Western Digital's newly released 24TB WD Gold gold disk, HDD, is now on sale overseas for $630 ( Note: currently about 4568 yuan).

According to the official website of Western Digital, the new 24TB gold disk features a 3.5-inch shape and SATA interface, uses CMR technology, is equipped with 512MB cache, 7200 RPM speed and a transmission speed of up to 298 MB/s.

By contrast, the 22TB gold disk, launched last year for $550 (currently about 3988 yuan), is also equipped with 512MB buffers, 7200 RPM revolutions, and transmission speeds of up to 291 MB/s.

Western Digital 24TB gold plate has not yet been put on the domestic shelves, and the 22TB model self-owned store sells for 5799 yuan.

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