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MediaTek Tianji 8300 processor is the first to support generative AI, the new seventh generation APU 780s

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Shulou( Report-- November 21, MediaTek announced that Tianji 8300 is the first processor in the same class to support generative AI, equipped with the new seventh generation APU 780. join hands with Xiaomi to create a new end-to-side generative AI intelligent experience.

According to reports, the Tianji 8300 processor supports 8x generated AI Transformer operator acceleration, 2x integer operation, 2x floating point operation, supports mixed precision INT4 quantization technology, has 3.3x AI comprehensive performance (AI Benchmark v5), and AI comprehensive performance has been improved by 23%.

In terms of AI applications, Tianji 8300 supports call summaries, offline language translation, photo album search, personalized biographies, magic editing and other functions. The processor also supports the 10 billion-parameter AI large language model to achieve fast writing and instantaneous mapping.

For more information about the Tianji 8300 processor, will bring you later.

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