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GAC Ean solid-state battery took the lead in mass production of Haopin model in 2026, and has achieved a breakthrough in cycle life.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., November 22, at the 2023 21st Guangzhou International Auto Show on November 17, GAC GROUP reviewed the achievements made in the implementation of the NEXT plan since the beginning of this year in terms of its own brand, energy ecology and internationalization, and announced that it would be loaded with all-solid-state batteries in 2026.

According to GAC GROUP's latest news, this all-solid-state battery will be mass-produced in the Guangzhou Auto EA brand in 2026, and the Haopin model will be the first to be adopted.

GAC Ean Laboratory announced the completion of solid-state battery interface modification technology test and verification, announced a new technological breakthrough. This technology will reduce the life decay of solid-state batteries by 50%. After 150 cycles, the battery capacity can be maintained at more than 90%.

For a long time, solid-state battery has been called the most potential "next-generation power battery", with many advantages such as ultra-high energy density of over 400 Wh / Kg, ultra-high safety of high temperature resistance and puncture resistance, and wide temperature range working window, and is expected to become the ultimate solution for power battery.

However, the solid-state battery interface is solid-solid contact, the contact impedance is large, and the stability is poor, so the capacity of solid-state battery is prone to serious attenuation and its life is shortened, which greatly hinders the application of solid-state battery from laboratory to mass production.

GAC Ean said that the laboratory through the special design of solid-state electrolyte components to induce the formation of an interface buffer layer on the surface of the negative electrode, which can effectively reduce the interface impedance and improve the interface stability.

In the test, the capacity of the conventional solid-state battery decreased significantly to 80% after 150 cycles; the cycle stability of the solid-state battery with interface modification technology was significantly improved, the 150-week capacity retention rate was more than 90%, and the battery life decay rate was reduced by 50%. In addition, new solid electrolyte, solid-solid interface modification and other related technologies are also under accelerated development, in order to achieve continuous optimization of the comprehensive performance of solid-state batteries.

According to previous reports, GAC ERA Zhijing's flagship hydrogen electric concept car was also unveiled at the auto show, based on GAC's newly developed multi-energy platform architecture, equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and front and rear axle distributed motors to achieve 540 horsepower, 800km + long range, zero emission characteristics.

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