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It is reported that Samsung OneUI 6 lacks "anti-burning screen mechanism" and users will "pay a price" for tasting fresh Android 14 for the time being.

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Shulou( Report-- November 24, Samsung devices such as Galaxy S23, Z Fold 5, S23 FE and Tab S9 have received OneUI 6 updates based on Android 14. However, according to foreign media phonearena, after users update their phones to OneUI 6, there is likely to be a screen burning problem. found that Samsung's OneUI 5 and earlier systems have a "screen element offset" feature that slightly shifts the position of elements such as status bar icons, widgets and built-in App buttons to prevent the OLED / AMOLED screen from burning.

However, foreign media found that Samsung seemed to forget to add this feature in OneUI 6. In OneUI 6, the elements in the phone are always in the same place, which will make the relevant OLED / AMOLED devices prone to screen burning problems.

▲ source phonearena Samsung may solve this problem in the next few days, and foreign media suggest that users should temporarily update OneUI 6 to prevent screen burning.

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