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Continue to unbind with Huawei, Glory 100 series mobile phones built in their own cloud services, wallets and other applications for the first time

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Thanks to netizens' confident eyebrows and grass Luo Yuzi's clue delivery! November 24 news, Glory 100 / Pro series of mobile phones were officially released last night, in addition to regular hardware updates, the new phone also ushered in a big change in software.

According to the official introduction page, Glory 100 / Pro phones use their own cloud services, wallet, video, music, reading, game center and other applications, and continue to unbind from Huawei's services.

Glory CEO Zhao Ming also said after the press conference that Glory 100 has been cut off from Huawei and will make more innovations based on its own cloud services.

Zhao Ming also revealed that Glory will also launch its own 7 billion-parameter side-to-side AI model and a new cloud service. At the Honor developer Salon Guangzhou Station event at the end of September, applications such as the Honor App Market were also warmed up, and partners can wait for the follow-up Magic OS 8.0.

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