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The integration of cloud and network builds the cornerstone, and Tianyi Yun builds the leading intelligent computing service and empowers the new development in the digital age.

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From November 22 to 23, the eighth IDC China Digital Transformation Annual ceremony in 2023 was held in Beijing. Tianyi Yun appeared in the main forum of the summit and a number of special forums to share the exploration and practice in technology and product systems, especially in the application of intelligent computing platforms and large models; to explore with industry opinion leaders and enterprise representatives on how to take technological innovation as the driver to jointly seek high-quality development of the industry.

Build a leading domestic smart computing service and build a strong cornerstone in the AI era

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is evolving in depth, and the importance of computing infrastructure is increasing, especially since this year, with the in-depth promotion of the application of artificial intelligence models, the demand for intelligent computing has ushered in explosive growth. As the national team of cloud service, Tianyi Cloud continues to strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure to build a solid base for the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries.

At the main forum of the summit, Qi Chao, senior technical expert of China Telecom Group and director of Tianyi Cloud industry solutions, said that Tianyi Yun always adheres to scientific and technological innovation and constantly strengthens key core technologies to tackle key problems independently. Build core products and capabilities in key technology areas such as cloud platform and basic software and hardware. On the basis of the breakthrough in core technology, Tianyi Yun carried out a comprehensive upgrade of capabilities to build a full-stack large model intelligence service, including building an AIDC data center, upgrading Yunzhichao integrated infrastructure platform "Yunju", launching an one-stop service platform "Huiju", and building a model ecology of Guoyun University, forming a cloud-intelligent integrated service system. Relying on the base of Guoyun Smart Computing and giving full play to its security advantages, Tianyi Yun and all partners in the industry work together to build a prosperous large model innovation ecology, join hands to create advanced intelligent productivity, and comprehensively empower the digitization and intelligence of the economy and society.

Big data of the Intelligent Edge Business Department of Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. and Liu Shaowei, director of AI product line, Tianyi Cloud upgraded Yunzhichao integrated infrastructure platform "Yunyi" to provide high-performance computing, storage and network services in the form of a platform. With the blessing of the "Yunyi" infrastructure platform, Tianyi Yun launched the new one-stop intelligent computing service platform "Huiju", which greatly reduced the threshold for large model training, fine-tuning, deployment and reasoning. Provide one-stop, full-link, low threshold, high security large model training and push service, and provide closed-loop large model solutions from model production to application for all kinds of industries and scenarios.

In order to comply with the development trend of the large model industry and respond to the market demand and changes of the large model, Tianyi Yun launched the government affairs industry model "Huize", which has the ability to understand the intention, search and query, extract and summarize, and generate content for government affairs. To provide professional, efficient and personalized government services for citizens and government staff, and comprehensively assist the "five one Office". At present, Tianyi Cloud has provided a variety of ecological model support for large model developers, large model providers, application manufacturers, government and scientific research institutions, industry associations and other partners to jointly enable the industry to be intelligent.

Build the base of cloud computing power in the country of prison, and help all industries take off.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, industrial Internet of things, AI and other applications, the data that enterprises need to deal with is growing explosively. The traditional CPU-centric computing architecture is facing many challenges, such as computing power consumption, weak performance and complex adaptation. The market urgently needs a new high-performance computing architecture to improve computing efficiency, and the Tianyi cloud Zijin architecture arises at the historic moment.

At the "next Generation Cloud" special forum, Zeng Tao, a senior R & D expert in the Infrastructure Division of Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., focused on the interpretation of the Tianyi cloud Zijin architecture. The Tianyi cloud Zijin architecture takes Zijin DPU as the core, and forms an integrated software and hardware solution through deep integration with Zijin series customized hardware, self-developed cloud server operating system and cloud operating system, which constitutes the computing power foundation of Tianyi Cloud's next generation cloud computing.

Zijin DPU has completed three technological breakthroughs: virtual full uninstall, multi-service hardware acceleration and self-developed three-in-one high-performance network protocol, with the characteristics of "extreme high performance, virtual full uninstall, ultra-high reliability, hardware acceleration, localization compatibility and security isolation", creating an environment with high performance, low latency, high reliability and large-scale deployment for enterprises, helping to upgrade the infrastructure.

It has become a general trend to promote the high-quality development of social economy by digital empowerment. In the future, Tianyi Yun will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly consolidate the base of Guoyun computing power, work with industrial partners to build a prosperous Guoyun ecology, and promote the development of digital economy with leading computing services.

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