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AMD 8040 series mobile APU model exposure, 7040 series vest

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Alejandro86 for the clue delivery! November 24 news, according to the whistleblower "harukaze5719" news, AMD is about to launch a cash 7040 series mobile APU vest model 8040 series, related models have been exposed.

The source harukaze5719 is shown in the figure above. The new generation of AMD processors include U, HS, and H series, and models include 8640, 8840 and 8940 series, the current 7640, 7840 and 7940 series vests. The vest model still uses the Zen4 architecture, and the frequency may increase.

According to previous reports from, the whistleblower Moore's Law Is Dead said that AMD will release the 8040 series of mobile APU in early 2024, while the newly upgraded APU codenamed Strix Point has been postponed to mid-2024. According to previous revelations, the new Strix Point mobile APU will use Zen5 CPU cores, and the number of cores will be upgraded to 12 cores; kernel display will also be upgraded, using RDNA 3.5 architecture, with 16CU.

In addition, it is reported that the SRTIX HALO APU with higher AMD specifications has been postponed to 2025, the series APU uses Chiplet core design, the number of cores is increased to 16 cores, kernel display is upgraded to 40CU, memory bit width is also upgraded to 256bit, and the power consumption is 25-120W.

Image source Moore's Law Is Dead

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