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According to the news, the one plus 12 mobile phone was released on December 5, and its appearance was exposed.

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Thanks to netizens, my name is Magnetic pump clue delivery! news on November 27, several bloggers said that pushed an one-plus-12 promotional image, which will be released at 14:30 on December 5, but it can no longer be reproduced or may have been removed.

At the same time, the appearance of one plus 12 has also been exposed, with three colors of white, turquoise and rock black, with three rear cameras, the flash is located at the upper left of the lens module, and the Hasu "H" logo is located on the left side of the lens. From the exposure picture, the white space is designed with diffuse reflection, the rock black will be silk glass, and the green is expected to be frosted texture.

One plus 12 will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, screen size 6.82in, resolution 3168 × 1440p, support 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate, equipped with 5400mAh battery + 100W wired fast charge + 50W wireless fast charge. previously reported that one plus 12 has opened a 1 yuan appointment to buy a 1 yuan rights package to get a quarterly card for bilibili big members, on the condition that one plus 12 mobile phones are successfully purchased during the pre-sale period or on the first day of sale without a return (specific time to watch the new product launch).

Enjoy up to 24 interest-free periods when purchasing a machine.

Students or PLUS members buy computers and give away mobile power.

Trade in clunkers for a maximum subsidy of 1000 yuan

Purchase of a machine for 30 days without worry about refund and exchange

Buy a machine and give it a gift of 180 days only for replacement without repair.

Buy a machine and give you one-year extended insurance

Free 4-year battery guarantee when purchasing a machine

+ 19.9 yuan to enjoy unlimited screen breakage protection for one year

Share the prize of up to 249 yuan.

Buy a machine and give a gift package of rights and interests for a new machine

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