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Certain Affinity Studio: the production process of Halo is continuing, and two more games are under development.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27, according to foreign media gamingbible, Max Hoberman, founder and CEO of Certain Affinity Studio, revealed in a recent interview that the studio currently has three major projects under development.

Max Hoberman claims that one of the games involves an ongoing collaboration with Studio 343 Industries, a new film called Halo, but the title of the game is not yet known.

After inquiry, learned that the new work was not steered by Studio 343rd, but was developed by Certain Affinity.

In addition to the cover of the ▲ Halo 5 game, Max Hoberman also said that the other two projects contain an unannounced original IP game, involving some very "large" and "exciting" new content, which may be released in December 2023; another project is an original game funded by the studio, but no further information has been announced.

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