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Xiaomi router has officially passed Wi-Fi 7 certification, and three products are about to be upgraded.

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Thanks to netizens Daniel Wu in South China, very afraid of health, keep a low profile, C100X1994, new friends of soft media 2274063, TardisX, makeithappen, soft media users 1275905, memories, clue delivery! November 27 news, Xiaomi officially announced that its router products have officially passed Wi-Fi 7 certification, Xiaomi 10 Gigabit router, Xiaomi router BE7000, Xiaomi router BE6500 Pro these three products will push firmware upgrades before December 30.

"Wi-Fi 7 is not only a speed, but also a systematic experience jump! multi-channel connection, dynamic optimization, lower latency, stronger anti-interference," Xiaomi official said. "bring more room for imagination for future entertainment and office work."

Lei Jun previously said on Weibo that Xiaomi 13 Pro's WiFi function is the strongest in Xiaomi's history. At present, there is no open WiFi 7 certification in China. Once authenticated, the WiFi 7 feature will be available. Now it seems that WiFi 7 certification is about to be opened in China.

According to query, Xiaomi 13 Pro supports FastConnect 7800 connection system, which is the first wireless subsystem in the world to support Wi-Fi 7. High-frequency multi-connection concurrency technology can achieve global Wi-Fi 7 peak speed of up to 5.8Gbps, and can achieve ultra-low latency performance lower than 2ms, which can bring smooth connection in streaming media, games and many other scenarios. At the same time, compared with the previous generation, the energy efficiency of the FastConnect 7800 has been improved by 30% Mel 50%, which can bring longer battery life and support a wider range of applications.

Launched in December last year, Xiaomi 10 Gigabit Router has up to 10 Gigabit wireless and wired transmission rates and supports tri-band concurrency, leaving room for next-generation needs such as VR games, 8K streaming media and real-time HD conferencing, which is known as the "flagship beast".

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