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Qualcomm will showcase innovative product technology at the 2023 Expo and use 5G patented technology to enhance user experience.

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The landing application of 5G and other innovative patented technologies is changing people's lives. At this year's China International Import Expo, Qualcomm demonstrated a series of innovative technologies and application scenarios, including a new cross-end experience that can play competitive games synchronously from the car co-driver screen with game consoles, smartphones and game handsets, and can shrink the photos taken by the phone and automatically "complete" the content in the surrounding blank space to get a new photo of the generative AI app. As well as XR games with immersive experience. Behind all these diversified digital life experiences, it is 5G, AI and other patented technologies that provide support.

For example, in the XR game application scene supported by 5G technology, with the high-speed and low-delay mobile network provided by 5G, people can put the XR game picture on the XR head display device and the cloud for separate rendering, in which the large-scale rendering with high computing power is completed by the cloud, and the head display device is responsible for completing the important rendering with high delay, and then the rendered high-definition XR picture is transmitted to the head display device in real time through 5G. Bring users an immersive game experience. This also means that XR head display devices can be made very lightweight, while the wireless connection provided by 5G also avoids the shackles of cables, and people can play a variety of high-quality XR games anytime, anywhere.

Qualcomm is the world's leading wireless technology innovator, from 3G, 4G to 5G, leading the development of mobile communication technology for a long time. With its long-term accumulation in the field of mobile communications, Qualcomm has also become one of the first companies to participate in the formulation of 5G standards, continuously promoting 5G standardization and the continuous evolution of 5G standards since R15, and is now working with the industry to promote the formulation of the next 5G standard version of Rel-18. At present, Qualcomm has many necessary patents for the 5G standard, providing technical support for many innovative experiences in the 5G era. For example, in terms of channel coding, Qualcomm has been working on advanced LDPC (low density parity) channel coding technology for a long time. By combining LDPC with hybrid automatic repeat request (ARQ), Qualcomm can support 5G data transmission speeds up to tens of Gbps while minimizing power consumption. In addition, Qualcomm's patented 5G technology also covers areas such as the Internet of cars and the Internet of things, supporting the rapid expansion of 5G to many industries and promoting the Internet of everything.

In addition to mobile communication technologies such as 5G, Qualcomm's invention patents also cover many aspects of mobile technology, including Wi-Fi, multimedia, artificial intelligence, software and security, radio frequencies and antennas, cameras and images, power management, processors, etc. In the field of Wi-Fi, for example, Qualcomm has played a key role in almost all major processes in the development of Wi-Fi technology, including breakthroughs in MIMO and MU-MIMO, OFDMA radio waveform design, wireless mesh networks, etc., promoting Wi-Fi technology to achieve high speed and high energy efficiency, effectively dealing with the increasing number of networking terminals in home and office environments.

In the field of multimedia, video applications such as short video, live video and video conference have been widely integrated into people's work, study and life, which poses great challenges to data transmission and data storage. the development of video compression or video coding technology is particularly important. In this regard, the invention of Dr. Marta Karczewicz, vice president of technology at Qualcomm, enables efficient compression of video data, even up to 1/1000. Dr. Marta Karczewicz has been involved in building modules for almost all video codecs and holds more than 500 US patents. At Qualcomm, Dr. Marta Karczewicz leads a team dedicated to the research and development of multimedia technology and enters more fields with the development of video technology. Qualcomm has also become a leader in video codec technology and a leading contributor and developer of the new generation of video coding standard H.266 / VVC and the previous H.265 / HEVC standard technology to enhance users' application experience through continuous invention and innovation and the application of patented technology.

Qualcomm's business model is "invention, sharing, collaboration", that is, it invests a lot to promote research and development in the early stage, forms invention patents, and then shares the achievements of inventions in the form of technology licensing and chip products. and cooperate with terminal manufacturers, system manufacturers and other manufacturers to promote the application of technology to specific products. In other words, Qualcomm itself does not directly produce products, but promotes the landing and commercial use of technology through cooperation with industrial partners. At this year's Expo, Qualcomm displayed products including 5G flagship mobile phones, Smart Networked cars, XR head display devices, etc., all from partners in various industries.

It is under the joint promotion of all parties in the industry that patented technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi, multimedia and artificial intelligence accelerate the landing of commercial use, which not only improves the user experience, but also creates great value for economic and social development. In the field of 5G, according to the research report released by IHS Markit, it is estimated that by 2035, 5G will create 13.1 trillion US dollars in global economic output and bring 22.8 million jobs, with huge economic and social benefits.

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