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Build a green arithmetic ecology together, and participate in the white paper of ODCC arithmetic deeply.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, ODCC (Open data Center Committee) and China Academy of Information and Communications officially released the White Paper on Green Computing Technology. As a leader of green numeracy, Ning Chang actively participates in the compilation of the white paper, provides strong support for the research on the development of green numeracy, and empowers the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

The White Paper focuses on the development trend of green technology at the levels of computing facilities, equipment and platforms, analyzes the typical application scenarios of the green development of computing power enabling industry, summarizes the challenges facing the development of green computing power in China, and puts forward corresponding suggestions in order to sort out the development trend of green computing technology innovation and promote the high-quality development of green computing industry in China.

Computing equipment is the source of computing power, and the problem of heat dissipation can not be ignored. The report points out that compared with natural cooling technologies such as air cooling, liquid cooling technology has the advantages of high refrigeration energy efficiency and saving computer room space, and has now entered the stage of comprehensive popularization.

Ning Chang has always been the promoter and practitioner of green computing power, helping data centers to take the road of green, efficient and sustainable development, and leading the development of green computing power in multiple dimensions such as product power, brand power and market power. In the field of liquid cooling, Ningchang has completed the whole industry chain layout of liquid cooling server products, covering the whole chain of liquid cooling product development, testing, production and delivery, and providing full system liquid cooling solutions from servers, cabinets, computer rooms to data centers to achieve differential energy saving and consumption reduction in full application scenarios.

In the product hardware level, Ningchang server covers a variety of forms, such as air-liquid mixing, cold plate liquid cooling, immersion liquid cooling and so on, and actively carry out innovative design to further reduce energy consumption. For example, Ningchang B8000 whole cabinet server adopts full liquid cooling cabinet design, the heat dissipation efficiency of the equipment is increased by 50%, the power is as high as 100KW / cabinet, and the PUE can be as low as 1.09.

From the perspective of intelligent management, Ningchang released a self-developed intelligent liquid cooling management platform based on cold plate liquid cooling, which can help the server liquid cooling system to achieve intelligent monitoring, accurate temperature control of multi-components, and effectively solve the heat dissipation problem caused by high-intensity computing power.

At the system level, Ningchang has a full-system liquid cooling solution to achieve comprehensive coverage from demand carding, architecture design, computer room deployment to operation and maintenance services. Taking a computer room with a total load of 10MW as an example, adopting a peaceful liquid cooling scheme will save tens of millions of electricity bills and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 10,000 tons a year.

According to IDC data, Ningchang won both the standard liquid-cooled server and the high-density liquid-cooled server in the first half of 2023 and is now firmly in the echelon at the head of the liquid-cooled track. Sadie consultancy report shows that Ningchang leads many market segments with the highest score in brand development, and is in a leading position in the overall Chinese server market and the Internet field.

According to the White Paper, the total scale of computing power in China has grown at an average annual rate of nearly 30% in the past five years. With the continuous expansion of the application scene of computing power, the demand for computing power will become more and more exuberant. Ning Chang will continue to innovate its own products and solutions, give the computing industry green and high-quality development from multiple dimensions, and build a super powerful base for the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

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