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Amap released Android version 13.06.1: traffic lights read seconds, automatically help find parking lots online

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for the delivery of clues like pineapple and Yu linn! November 27 news, Amap has recently launched the Android version 13.06.1 update, the installation package size is 171.58MB. summarizes the update as follows:

Traffic lights read seconds, over-the-horizon reading seconds, more timely and more convenient

Automatically help find the parking lot, look for it while driving, and it's easier to park at the end.

Intelligent detection of satellite signal, real-time diagnosis, knowing location, more peace of mind

Taxi-hailing experience is fully upgraded, travel with peace of mind, guaranteed and cheaper

Gao de drives a hundred cities online, comparing prices throughout the network, on call.

Wonderland MAX travels through time and space, and the real scene is interactive and immersive.

Amap has introduced in detail the traffic light countdown function, which can calculate the red light countdown reading seconds and the number of rounds to wait in real time. From the point of view of this update, on the basis of the original traffic light countdown function, the second reading recognition function of the two traffic lights closest to their own vehicle has been added.

"automatic help to find parking lots" can automatically list the available parking lots and parking spaces near the end point. The "Satellite signal Intelligent Detection" function will provide real-time detection and diagnosis of the current satellite signal, and display specific measures to improve the signal on the interface.

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