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(update: Didi responded that it is recovering one after another) users said that the network load of DiDi in some areas was abnormal and the map could not be located. "Didi collapsed" logged on the hot search.

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Thanks to netizens riding pigs to deliver clues about their sisters, dogs, South by Southwest, soft media users 834516 and Mr. Aviation! Updated at 23:30: DiDi responded through his official account at 23:20 as follows:

I am very sorry, due to the system failure, there was an anomaly in Didi's App service this evening. After emergency repair by technical students, it is now being restored one after another. As a result, we apologize again for the inconvenience caused to the majority of users and drivers.

It is very cold at night, and cyclists who cannot lock their bikes do not need to wait in place. Passengers who cannot check out at the destination can get off and go home normally. There is no need to worry about the fare problems caused by the failure. Please wait patiently for follow-up notice, which will be dealt with properly. I'm sorry to cause trouble for everyone in the evening., November 27, according to feedback from partners, problems such as abnormal network loading on the "DiDi" platform in some areas, inability of drivers to receive orders or confirmation of passengers boarding, and inability of maps to locate. At present, there is an exception in the access to the platform, with feedback from contributors saying that Didi's customer service phone is off.

According to incomplete statistics, the affected areas include Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places.

At present, the popularity of the topic "Didi crashed" on Weibo continues to rise, with 672000 readings and 422 discussions on the topic as of Some Weibo users also reported that a prompt of "502 Bad Gateway" would appear when opening Didi. At the same time, the topic has made the list of hot searches on Weibo, ranking 31st.

There is no official response to the matter for the time being, and will continue to follow the progress of the incident.

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