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Defeating mysterious magic with physical knowledge, Li Yongle won 23.54 million onlookers in the premiere of Kuaishou

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Beat magic with physics and feel the charm of science. On November 23, the famous educator @ Li Yongle opened the premiere of Kuaishou, bringing about the wonderful collision between physics and magic with interesting scientific experiments, and talked freely with Kuaishou educators about the importance of popular science enlightenment. In the end, the total number of views of the live broadcast exceeded 23.54 million, which not only satisfied the vast number of users' curiosity and curiosity about physics, but also brought Kuaishou Xinzhi, a "university without walls" into the hearts of more people.

Live broadcast to explore the mysteries of science, with users to discover the fun of knowledge

The one who can do magic is not necessarily Harry Potter, but also your physics teacher. In the premiere of Kuaishou, Li Yongle, who has more than 20 million followers, appeared as a wizard, not only bringing interesting "physical magic shows" such as drinking birds, floats and meteors, but also sharing the principles behind each creative experiment with the audience. In the process, the fast-hand old man no longer had the fear of being dominated by the physics teacher, and used the bullet screen to brush the screen "too high" and "other people's physics teachers" one after another.

A pen, a playing card, a coin. Li Yongle uses common objects as props, showing the aesthetics of the integration of physics and life, and uses interesting experiments to visualize abstract principles and unveil many mysterious magic. "in a comfortable sitting position, you can't stand up without leaning forward or moving your feet backwards. You can try it if you don't believe it." In order to explain the principle of the center of gravity, he also performed "remote magic", allowing knowledge to enter the audience's mind in an unexpected way.

After a number of experiments that are suitable for both young and old, the bachelor's degree in physics and economics from Peking University and the master's degree in the Department of Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University began to lead his brothers to "take new knowledge." explain in interesting language the physical events of 2023, such as room temperature superconductivity, controllable nuclear fusion, attosecond pulses and so on. "1/1000 of a second is called a millisecond, and 1/1000 of a millisecond is called a microsecond." When expounding the concept of A-second, he impromptu is a "scientific pass", frantically outputting physical knowledge in laughter.

In the live broadcast, Li Yongle not only spread the knowledge of physics, but also conveyed his love for the cause of popular science. When joining hands with Kuaishou education quality upperclassman @ 1993, two alumni of Tsinghua University talked about the importance of popular science enlightenment and offered suggestions on learning methods. "if you consciously apply book knowledge to life, you will find this subject particularly interesting." @ the upperclassman in 1993 said that children should be made aware from an early age that all scientific knowledge is a tool for exploring the world.

Li Yongle also believes that it is necessary to let people know that science is around, and cultivate good thinking skills and exploratory personality traits from an early age. He also expressed his views on how to balance the relationship between serious popular science and fun: "first of all, popular science must speak human words; second, knowledge must be more logical." Making science approachable and letting knowledge be concerned, accepted and interested by the public is also the driving force for him to adhere to the cause of popular science.

Deeply ploughing the ecology of pan-knowledge content to speed up the coming of the era of universal knowledge

"Yongle ceremony", "savior of poor life" and "all-round science student", the @ Li Yongle teacher who left a good name on the Internet, is a teacher in a middle school affiliated to Renmin University of China. In order to keep his lectures fresh, he shared learning materials and recorded teaching videos online, which also ignited the spark that he became a famous teacher. In 2017, Li Yongle's video explaining "what's going on in a leap year" went viral, with more than 20 million views in two days. Many netizens commented that listening to your words is better than reading a ten-year book!

Since then, Li Yongle began to pay close attention to hot topics, introduced serious and practical scientific knowledge, and produced a series of popular science videos that people can understand. Because he often explained the principles of physics from a strange and tricky point of view, and solved the practical troubles of netizens in a simple way, CCTV News and others forwarded likes for him one after another, and his works also received as little as hundreds of thousands of hits to tens of millions of hits.

As an old acquaintance of the popular science community, Li Yongle often releases physical videos on Kuaishou. In his works, he uses the explanation way of "quasi-eBay" to make the cold knowledge hot one by one, so he is very popular with Kuaishou users. On November 23, he started a physics carnival in the studio and made his brothers shout, "other people's physics teacher, this time is really here!" In the future, he will continue to live through short videos, taking viewers to explore the physical pleasures of life and feel the endless charm of science.

In fact, @ Li Yongle, a teacher who commutes between the short video live broadcast platform and the three-foot platform, the 74-year-old retired physics professor at Tongji University @ Granny Wu, who does not do exercises, and @ Zhang Chaoyang, who has both an entrepreneur and a doctorate in physics. Many physics science experts have already formed a "physics heaven regiment" in Kuaishou, insisting on popularizing physics knowledge in an interesting form, making more people curious about knowledge, and becoming an important driver of narrowing the distance between the public and science.

From word of mouth to written books, from radio and television to live short videos, the inheritance of knowledge is constantly evolving. Today, the rise of short video live streaming is breaking the traditional knowledge dissemination structure, and the pan-knowledge content ecology constructed by Kuaishou is also accelerating the advent of the era of universal knowledge. According to the data, the number of Kuaishou pan-knowledge creators has reached 1.26 million, providing more than 3600 live broadcasts of knowledge in the past year, and the number of videos released by ten-thousand fan pan-knowledge creators has reached 110 million. It can be said that Kuaishou has become a veritable pan-knowledge learning platform.

In the definition of Kuaishou, knowledge is becoming ubiquitous, which can not only provide users with practical information, but also make users feel extremely romantic. The brand "Kuaishou New knowledge", created by Kuaishou pan-knowledge, has covered more than ten fields, such as information, education, art, finance and economics, science, law, and so on, and continues to provide users with content with both practical value and emotional value. In the future, with the launch of @ Li Yongle and other leading figures in different fields, Kuaishou will once again set off an upsurge in the field of pan-knowledge, allowing more people to share a rich and diverse knowledge feast.

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