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Mingyi launched MS-MoDT ITX motherboard: on-board i5-12450H / double net port, 1399 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, Mingyi has now launched the MS-MoDT ITX motherboard, on-board i5-12450H mobile processor, the price is 1399 yuan.

The parameters of the finishing MS-MoDT ITX motherboard are as follows:

This motherboard uses 6x1 phase 50A power supply, and the power consumption is limited to 95W. I5-12450H is an 8-core 12-thread specification, that is, 4 big cores + 4 small cores, Rui frequency can reach 4.4GHz, nuclear display is 48EU, nuclear display frequency 1.2GHz.

In terms of scalability, this motherboard supports the installation of two DDR4 memories, has three M.2 and two SATA 3 storage expansion interfaces, and the PCIe interface is PCIe 4.0. 8. The video interface includes two HDMI, one DP and one VGA, which supports four-screen output. The wireless network card is Intel AC9560 and the wired network port is 1G + 2.5G dual port. Mingyi (MAXSUN) MS-MoDT 12450H ITX WiFi motherboard (built-in intel i5-12450H processor) 1399 yuan direct link

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