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"Dolphin self-study" has been upgraded to "Dolphin AI Learning", a new version of the product has been revised and launched as an intelligent AI partner.

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On November 28, "Dolphin self-study App", which attracted 60 million netizens because of its heuristic AI question-and-answer ability, was officially upgraded to "Dolphin AI Learning" and completed a new intelligence upgrade of autonomous learning products. After the upgrade, its App home page will be newly revised and launched as an eye-catching AI intelligent partner, and the Socratic heuristic AI Q & A function will be opened one after another. It is understood that dolphin AI adheres to the concept of "training children from passive learning to active learning". As the first large-scale application of AI intelligent learning App in China, it not only breaks through the problem of landing application of mathematical models for the first time, but also makes teaching students in accordance with their aptitude really come into reality, taking the lead in opening a new era of autonomous learning AI.

▲ Picture: the new home page of Dolphin AI Learning App focuses on students' core literacy as required by the latest curriculum reform. The upgraded dolphin AI learning can not only stimulate children's own interest in learning, but also give a learning path from simple to deep thinking depth, further opening up the closed-loop learning loop of knowledge input, internalization, deviation correction and output; with short-term, high-frequency and strong interactive heavy output, it can effectively improve learning efficiency and help children acquire the bottom ability of autonomous learning efficiently.

In order to stimulate children's interest in active learning, dolphin AI uses high aesthetic animation video to creatively apply interactive video technology to learning products, merging knowledge points into real scenes, simulating students' thinking card points and gaming interactive experience, so that learning is no longer boring. The painting style is cured, the interactive way is novel, and the interactive video is created by the award-winning team of the top cinema in China, so that the children's aesthetic education takes place quietly in every learning process.

▲ Picture: dolphin AI learning App- exquisite interactive video is different from the conventional learning mode. Dolphin AI learning aims to arouse and protect children's active curiosity and exploration, and help children form positive feedback on autonomous learning. It follows the learning process throughout the process, intelligently diagnoses the learning effect and feedback the learning progress in real time; using Socratic heuristic AI Q & A can guide children to explore learning and thinking step by step, explore the nature of knowledge, master problem-solving ideas and the principles behind knowledge; and according to learning progress, intelligently recommend personalized content to help consolidate and improve the learning effect.

▲ figure: dolphin AI learn App- Socratic heuristic AI answer in addition, Dolphin AI Learning is also equipped with practical and convenient learning tools to effectively help children improve their learning efficiency. This includes intelligently generating wrong question books, helping students sort out error-prone knowledge points according to gradients and cycles, and providing a massive database, including video materials, exercise questions, real test papers, etc., to assist students in self-learning. In addition, it also provides composition photo recognition AI correction, and the lower grade (1-3 years) to enrich the game interactive mental arithmetic exercise question bank; and designed a dolphin coin incentive system to exchange learning surrounding products to facilitate parents' interactive motivation.

In terms of pricing, in order to enable more parents to give their children access to this autonomous learning AI product, Dolphin AI Learning breaks the limitations of the traditional linear learning model, adopts a more cost-effective membership model, and provides free one-week experience service for new users. During the membership period, students can learn anytime and anywhere, not limited to the current grade and subject restrictions, to meet the children's more flexible and diverse learning needs.

▲ picture: dolphin AI learn App- core functions public reports show that dolphin AI science has been repeatedly recognized by professional institutions and authoritative media this year. In November 2023, Southern Weekly announced the list of the 2023 Creative products Awards. Dolphin AI (formerly Dolphin self-study App) became the only scientific product in the education industry to win the award. In April 2023, with the breakthrough product design of "AI technology + interactive animation", it became the only digital learning product that won the "German iF Design Award" in China.

It is worth mentioning that dolphin AI is a new intelligent learning product under ape power technology, with 300 core members of content and product research and development, who graduated from the world's top universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Tsinghua University and Peking University. It is reported that ape Power Technology has invested nearly 10 billion yuan in technology research and development over the past decade to establish the world's first educational science and technology artificial intelligence laboratory, with a number of independent research and development core technologies ranking first in the world and applied to its full range of products.

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