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The whole big core CPU design is really fierce! It is true that the performance of Tianji 9300 is better than that of its competitors.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 29, just this morning, the digital chat station disclosed on Weibo that "under the condition of setting the same 45 °C temperature wall, Tianji 9300 has indeed better performance and higher efficiency in testing the whole large core." the digital chat station said that Fage has really turned around this time and is looking forward to its full-blooded performance under the super heat dissipation device. ‏

According to the measured running chart shared by ‏, when the temperature control is about 45 °C, the maximum score, average score and minimum score of Tianji 9300 are higher than those of competitors. Digital chat stations also said on Weibo that this kind of extreme running software is only a performance reference and has little reference value for daily use. ‏

‏, of course, for ordinary consumers, in the daily process of using the machine, it is really difficult to "replicate" this extreme running scene. But there is no doubt that Tianji 9300 does represent the current performance ceiling. ‏

‏ on Tianji 9300 this chip, we should have a certain understanding, its biggest highlight is the use of CPU full-core architecture design. It contains four Cortex-X4 super-large cores with the highest frequency up to 3.25GHz, and four Cortex-A720 large cores with the main frequency of 2.0GHz. Its peak performance is 40% higher than that of the previous generation, and the power consumption is reduced by 33%. ‏

In the GPU part of ‏, Tianji 9300 took the lead in adopting the new generation of flagship 12-core GPU Immortalis-G720, with a peak performance improvement of 46% compared with the previous generation and a 40% reduction in power consumption under the same performance. ‏

The most intuitive benefit of ‏ 's all-core CPU architecture is naturally higher performance. ‏

‏ Tianji 9300 ranks first in the industry with a comprehensive running score of more than 2130000 in the room temperature environment and more than 2200000 in the laboratory environment. At the same time, in GeekBench 6, the score of single core is 2203, while that of multi-core is 7616, which means that the horror performance is absolutely the first. ‏

In the actual measurement of ‏ in, the performance of Tianji 9300 also left a deep impression on the author. For example, the first Tianji 9300 vivo X100 mobile phone measured the running score of an rabbit at room temperature, and easily won an astonishing score of 2209891, more than 2.2 million! You know, this is a test at room temperature (about 20 °C at room temperature). ‏

It can be said that the advent of MediaTek Tianji 9300 marks a huge leap in the field of smartphone chips. At present, the mobile phone carrying Tianji 9300 has almost no rival in its performance. ‏

‏ in addition to the vivo X100, the next OPPO Find X7 will also be equipped with Tianji 9300. At present, the running score of this phone has appeared in the Anhare database, and its Anhare running score also reached an astonishing 2.27 million. ‏

It is worth mentioning that ‏ also revealed another big piece of news in the message area of the blogger Weibo-more than one tablet will be equipped with Tianji 9300. Before this year, there will be a straight flagship carrying Tianji 9300, and there will be a more powerful tablet device years later, so you can look forward to it. ‏

Compared with the traditional architecture of competitors, the all-core architecture design of Tianji 9300 is obviously more "radical", and the excellent performance of ‏ will also bring the user experience to a new stage. The era of large-scale nuclear computing has begun. With the launch of Tianji 9300 terminals, the mobile phone industry will develop towards a more efficient balance of performance and power consumption. ‏

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