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Beijing issued a white paper: there is "heat" and homogenization in the application of large models.

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Shulou( Report--, November 29, learned from the website of the Beijing government that on November 29, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee issued the "Beijing artificial Intelligence Industry large Model Innovation and Application White Paper (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper") at AICC 2023 artificial Intelligence Computing Conference.

The "White Paper" of Tu Yuan Pexels makes a systematic analysis and exposition from the aspects of the global development trend of the large model, an overview of the application of the industry at home and abroad, and the application situation and development suggestions in Beijing, in order to further promote the application of the large model, display the application achievements of the large model in Beijing, and promote the value dissemination of the large model and the docking of supply and demand.

The "White Paper" believes that the rapid iteration of large model technology has broken the upper limit of the development of the original AI technology, showing the characteristics of massive data, generalization of models, centralization of application patterns, and so on, and reshape the production engine of enterprises with the ability of "unlimited production." promote the subversive improvement of production efficiency. From a global point of view, all parts of the world are actively promoting the research, development and application of large models, among which the United States and China have released 80% of the total number of general large models released worldwide, becoming the leaders in the field of large model technology. Countries and regions such as the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore are still in the early stage of trial, and only a few head enterprises have begun to apply them. From a national point of view, the national and local levels attach great importance to the development of general model industry. In July 2023, the State Internet Information Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television jointly announced the interim measures for the Management of generative artificial Intelligence Services to encourage and standardize the innovative development of generative artificial intelligence. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities have also introduced large model industry development measures to accelerate the implementation of large models. From the perspective of the development of Beijing's large model industry, Beijing has the best innovation foundation, the most concentrated human resources, the strongest R & D innovation capability and the most active product iteration in the field of artificial intelligence in China. Beijing now has 122 large model innovation teams. the number ranks first in the country, accounting for about half of the country.

The White Paper combs in detail the typical characteristics of the application of large models in Beijing at the present stage. From the perspective of model evolution, the general large model tends to converge, and the application of the vertical industry has become the key track for the landing of the large model industry; at present, the development of the large model presents a development path from technology to products, and then to commercial applications. and continue to go deep into the vertical industry. From the perspective of application field, the application case of large model blossoms, and has been initially applied in various fields such as traditional industry empowerment, finance, government affairs, cultural tourism, medical care, smart city and so on. Among them, traditional industry empowerment and finance have developed rapidly, such as industrial knowledge question and answer, picture and text generation, and financial field has intelligent research assistant, intelligent customer service and so on. From the perspective of application types, the large model mainly includes six aspects: content generation, intelligent question answering, IT support, data analysis, intelligent identification and intelligent hardware, among which content generation and intelligent question answering are the most mature. From the perspective of business model, the current large model business model is beginning to take shape, forming a basic layer based on general large model AI services, an industry layer dominated by vertical industry AI services, and an application layer dominated by large model application services. Three-tier services promote each other, coordinate optimization, and jointly support industrial transformation and development.

The White Paper sorts out the application cases of the large model in Beijing, starting from six industries: government affairs, finance, medical care, empowerment of traditional industries, cultural tourism and smart city. around the four dimensions of innovation, demonstration, economic and social benefits, and extensibility, 18 typical cases are selected, such as Dingyuan Science and Technology, 360, Ruilai Wisdom, neglect, Baidu and so on. The user needs, solutions and project results in various fields are analyzed in detail. For example, around the needs of Beijing Light Technology Group in terms of market demand tracking and new product research and development, Dingyuan Science and Technology has built a demonstration application of a large model of product merchants, forming service functions such as intelligent reverse customization of goods, predictive production, intelligent scheduling, intelligent marketing and so on. Accelerate the intelligent upgrading of the whole chain in the field of consumer manufacturing 360 around the needs of banks in the digital transformation, to create a large model of the financial sector, to achieve a 40% reduction in the average office document processing time of employees. Based on the case study, the White Paper further puts forward the challenges faced by the application of large models at present. First, computing resources are in short supply, which has become an important challenge for innovation and R & D of large model enterprises. Second, high-quality data has become the key to seriously restrict the application of large model industry. Third, the hallucination of the large model has been improved, but there is still a gap from the scale landing. Fourth, there are "heat degree" and homogenization in the application of large model.

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