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T3 Travel joined hands with China Telecom to create China's first big travel model to help intelligent travel iteration.

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In recent years, various industries have laid out large model ecology one after another, which has formed a lively scene of "Thousand Sail Race", and large model ecology has become an important trend in the development of artificial intelligence. After clothing, food and housing, the travel industry will also usher in the industry's first intelligent model to help the travel industry to intelligent iteration, artificial intelligence model "Qianfan race" scene finally has the appearance of the travel industry.

Recently, at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference, T3 Travel announced a strategic cooperation with China Telecom. T3 Travel has reached a cooperation with China Telecom to jointly create the first large travel ecological model in China-"buildings", and gradually launch large model solutions for various travel scenarios, enabling enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain to inject new momentum into smart transportation and smart city landing, and help the travel industry to move towards intelligent iteration.

The big ecological model is a natural fit with the travel industry.

Large model ecology can achieve super computing and accuracy, help enterprises make more appropriate strategic arrangements, and create more customized industry solutions. however, large model computing needs a lot of computing resources and data to achieve high-speed and accurate computing.

T3 travel VDR security protection system

T3 Travel, as the country's first B2C operation mode travel platform based on car networking, covers 100 key cities across the country and has accumulated a lot of industry data, while China Telecom has laid out cloud computing a long time ago, with strong computing power and Xinghe AI algorithm platform. China Telecom said, "China Telecom accelerates the construction of supercomputing and intelligent computing to meet higher-level computing needs such as large model training and travel service arithmetic support." For this strategic cooperation, T3 Travel and China Telecom have shown great confidence.

Cui Dayong, CEO of T3 Travel, said, "the travel industry brings together a large amount of travel data, and thanks to the strong language understanding and reasoning ability, image understanding and generation ability of the big model, the large model fits naturally with the travel industry."

It is worth mentioning that with the support of the "buildings" travel ecological model, T3 Travel and China Telecom have initially determined that they will cooperate deeply in a number of scenarios to create better travel services and products.

For example, in terms of online car-hailing capacity scheduling, the two sides will develop and apply an intelligent scheduling model to predict the changes in travel supply and demand more accurately and in real time, plan a more reasonable driving route for drivers, and further improve the operational efficiency of drivers and the whole city. In terms of passenger service, T3 Travel and China Telecom will also develop and apply a large model of passenger service to effectively solve the problems of action and object image recognition and speech semantic recognition in the service, so as to ensure the safety of passenger service.

Intelligent scheduling model

T3 Travel said at the signing ceremony with China Telecom that T3 travel should maximize the capacity of each vehicle through big data and big model algorithm, improve passenger experience and driver income, and improve urban traffic operation efficiency. finally realize intelligent travel, low-carbon travel and pleasant travel.

T3 travel ecological model, which helps autopilot to speed up.

As the first travel platform with in-depth application vehicle networking architecture, T3 Travel has been committed to improving the efficiency of the travel industry and accelerating the development of self-driving and intelligent transportation. This T3 trip is involved in the field of large models. The purpose is to rely on the experience and implementation path in the field of large models, constantly enrich large model application scenarios, create more customized industry solutions, and let national intelligent travel platforms land as soon as possible.

Cui Dayong, CEO of T3 Travel, also said, "the big model can help find more optimization solutions in areas such as traffic planning, congestion relief and safety protection. In addition, it can also help self-driving algorithm research and development iteration and speed up." For boosting the ride-hailing network transition to 3.0 form, bring new impetus for the intelligent development of the travel industry, the travel industry to create a large travel ecological model or the current optimal solution.

Large model travel planning


T3 Travel joined hands with China Telecom to create the first large travel model in China, not only to enable the travel industry to keep up with the development of intelligence of the times, but also to carry out smart city business through cooperation. Promote the ecological construction of intelligent travel, provide data and intellectual support for the optimization of urban roads and traffic signal control systems, and promote the high-quality development of intelligent transportation and smart cities.

At present, T3 travel is in the forefront of the industry, as well as intelligent travel leaders and smart city promoters. It is believed that more car companies will join us to improve the ecological model of the travel industry and promote the intelligent iteration of the travel industry.

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