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The interactive series Silent Hill: Feisheng is of poor quality, and developers deny using AI to create scripts.

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According to news on November 30, the real-time interactive series Silent Hill: rising (SILENT HILL: Ascension) received bad reviews from viewers after it was broadcast, mainly focusing on the serious kryptonite elements of the game and the poor quality of the plot.

▲ poster "Silent Hill: rising"

A screenshot of the ▲ "Silent Hill: rising" series, Tu Yuan Ke Le Mei, a few days ago, many viewers suspected that the work was written by AI. Developer Genvid Holdings's CEO Jacob Navrok sent a long message on the X platform to deny this, saying that the work was written by a real person.

Jacob Navrok claims that all the plot scripts for Silent Hill: flying rise were written by experienced writers who wrote more than 100000 words for Silent Hill: rising, who have worked on Telltale, Pixar, God of War, biochemical Evil and so on.

▲ source Jacob Navrok post on the X platform in addition, noted that Genvid Holdings tried to use AI to optimize the animation or film production process a few years ago, resulting in a lot of unstable shots, such as the lens is too long or focused on the wrong object, so in other projects such as Silent Hill: flying up, AI is not used for creation, but only occasionally uses AI to check account registration.

Jacob Navrok also stressed that AI is not up to creative work at the moment, and that the rumors written by Silent Hill: flying rise by AI are an insult to the "proud things" their team is trying to create.

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