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China has built the highest precision surface solar radiation monitoring system in the world

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to a CCTV report, the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed a near real-time remote sensing monitoring system for surface solar radiation, and released the latest monitoring product with high temporal and spatial resolution for the first time today, which is the highest precision surface solar radiation monitoring system built in China. Note: accurate solar radiation data are of great significance for solar power generation, agricultural yield estimation, vegetation photosynthesis and carbon sequestration research.

According to the introduction, the research team of Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, after nearly a decade of efforts, developed a near real-time remote sensing monitoring system for surface solar radiation in the Asia-Pacific region and constructed a high spatial-temporal resolution remote sensing product set based on the new generation of geostationary satellite data represented by China's Fengyun IV.

Hu Zeletu, director of the State key Laboratory of remote Sensing Science, said: this near-real-time monitoring system uses an efficient scattering model, combined with technologies such as deep learning artificial intelligence, can monitor the dynamic changes of clouds and aerosols in the atmosphere in near real time, and further calculate the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface.

Its spatial resolution can reach 500 meters in a specific area, and it can achieve a frequency of observation in the same area once every 10 minutes, while the international standard is about 10 km / hour. so it can be said to be the most accurate surface solar radiation monitoring system in the world.

In addition to the advantages of high precision and high frequency, our near real-time remote sensing monitoring system of surface solar radiation can also provide more comprehensive and refined surface solar radiation data, including solar shortwave radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, ultraviolet A radiation, ultraviolet B radiation and the total radiation, direct and scattering components of each radiation component, which makes up for the lack of relevant data of similar systems in the world.

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