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6DoF Technology of Tencent Multimedia Lab helps Oracle Digital Revival and inheritance

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Shulou( Report--

With the combination of cultural heritage and digital technology, the leading role of Tencent multimedia laboratory is becoming more and more significant. Since December 2022, Tencent has partnered with Anyang, Henan Province, to jointly promote the digital "decoding" and inheritance of Oracle.

This special cooperation has achieved remarkable results, in which the joint cooperation between Tencent Multimedia Lab and SSV Digital Culture Lab has made a major breakthrough in the compression and display of Oracle model data.

In order to solve the problem of slow loading speed of Oracle 3D model, the laboratory and partners worked together to solve the problem of excessive data. By introducing a fast point cloud codec and rendering engine, the goals of data compression, significant reduction of transmission cost and optimization of display effect have been successfully achieved. This breakthrough not only makes the Oracle text clearer, but also greatly reduces the data volume, which brings a new visual experience for the Oracle research and experience.

Note: the picture is shown, the actual product can reach 4K or 8K ultra high definition

The encoder of Tencent Multimedia Lab uses the self-developed Mesh and Texture compression algorithms, which significantly surpasses the open source scheme in compression efficiency and visual effect. Its rendering engine shows amazing performance, supporting 4K and 8K UHD maps, as well as physics-based rendering, perfectly restoring real-world materials.

This innovative technology not only improves the rendering speed, but also brings a huge reduction in transmission bandwidth in complex dynamic and static models, and an average of 90% reduction in transmission bandwidth for static models.

Tencent Multimedia Lab has been committed to cutting-edge technology research and landing application development, especially in the fields of immersive media technology, such as panoramic video, 3D reconstruction, free perspective, virtual-reality fusion, digital twins and holographic video. These technological innovations not only serve Tencent's business, but also inject new impetus into the digital transformation and inheritance of Chinese culture.

In order to continue the Chinese context and revitalize the source of Chinese characters, the co-creation team will soon launch the Oracle Global Digital Revival Plan, which aims to help Oracle's digital return, activation and utilization, and gather all sectors of the community to participate in mass creation projects that jointly build, share and create common benefits. It is expected that this plan will open up a new way for the creative transformation and innovative development of Oracle and become an important part of Chinese cultural heritage.

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