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The national standard for the service of the first agricultural science and technology ombudsman in China has been issued.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 6, according to the official account of "Shi Shuo Xinyu", recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision (State Standards Commission) approved and issued the "Agricultural Social Service Science and Technology Commissioner Service Standard" (GB / T 43348-2023) National Standard (hereinafter referred to as "Service Standard"), which is the country's first national standard for science and technology ombudsman service.

According to reports, science and technology ombudsmen are selected and dispatched from universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions or natural persons to the rural grass-roots front line in accordance with the principle of two-way selection and on-demand selection and certain procedures. Professional and technical personnel or managers who carry out scientific and technological entrepreneurship and services.

The "Service Standard" was jointly drafted by more than 10 units, including the people's Government of Yanping District, Nanping City. after repeatedly soliciting the opinions of science and technology departments, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in more than 30 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government), it took nearly two years to successfully pass the expert review and formally issued by the General Administration of Market Supervision (State Standards Commission).

The Service Standard comprehensively combs and summarizes the good experiences and practices in the implementation of the science and technology ombudsman system in the past 24 years, and defines and refines the basic elements such as terms and definitions, personnel requirements, service implementation, service evaluation and improvement. It focuses on the service requirements of science and technology ombudsmen, including policy propaganda, science popularization publicity, business guidance, skills training, introduction and promotion of technological achievements, scientific and technological research and development, personnel training, innovation and entrepreneurship, and so on. At the same time, the "Service Standard" highlights the characteristics of "order-type" demand docking and "menu-type" service supply in the work of science and technology ombudsmen, which is an important measure for the standardization and institutionalization of the management and service of science and technology ombudsmen in Fujian Province and even the whole country.

The Service Code mentions that the requirements of science and technology ombudsmen include intermediate and above technical titles, or local scientific and technological talents who are well-known and have been engaged in related work for two years or more. with an official picture introduction:

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