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Impact won the list of 36 krypton Future Business King of the year in the field of cross-border services in WISE2023.

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Shulou( Report--

(November 30, 2023, Shanghai) Recently, 36 Krypton officially released the high-profile "WISE2023 Business King of the Year Enterprise Series List"(hereinafter referred to as "List"). In this list, impact, the world's leading partner marketing management platform, has become the focus of the industry with its outstanding performance in the cross-border services sector and has been named "WISE2023 Future Business King of the Year in the cross-border services sector" list.

It is reported that the list is divided into three categories: "WISE2023 Business King of the Year Open Innovation Enterprise","WISE2023 Future Business King of the Year Enterprise" and "WISE2023 Future Business Potential King of the Year New Economy High Growth Enterprise", covering ten new economic fields, aiming to focus on identifying enterprises that promote industrial development and provide innovation momentum for economic growth.

Impact stands out this time, not only as a clear recognition of its outstanding performance in the field of cross-border services, but also as a full affirmation of its innovative ability in the field of overseas marketing, further consolidating impact's industry influence in the field of cross-border services.

Deepen technological innovation and jointly promote the prosperity and development of cross-border service fields

Impact's leading position on the global business stage is due to its superior comprehensive strength and leading technology. As a leader in cross-border services, impact continues to break through and innovate, helping Chinese enterprises to fully demonstrate their global competitive advantages by providing comprehensive and efficient partner marketing management technology.

In the global market, impact continues to build and upgrade a global network of partners with its continued determination and strength. In the past three years, the company has made five acquisitions: Activate in 2020, Affluent and Trackonomics in 2021, Pressboard in 2022 and SaaSquatch in 2023. This series of actions demonstrates impact's firm determination to expand its global market share, not only strengthening its own strength, but also laying the foundation for providing diversified global marketing solutions for customers.

"this honor is not only a recognition of impact's past achievements, but also an inspiration for our future development. Jennifer Zhang, president of impact Greater China, pointed out,"Looking ahead, will further increase its technology investment and continuously improve its products and services. While continuing to deepen the cross-border service field, we will explore innovative paths with global partners to provide customers with a more comprehensive and efficient partner marketing management platform. Of course, we will continue to play a leading role in partner marketing and continue to work to promote the progress and prosperity of the entire cross-border services industry. "

Based on the needs of sustainable development, stimulate the vitality of the sea brand

With the rapid development and increasing complexity of the global market, the brand faces diverse cultural, regulatory and market differences in different countries. In such a global environment, partner marketing has become a long-term indispensable strategic demand for the brand. By building close relationships with local partners, brands can not only leverage their local experience and resources, but also adapt more flexibly and understand the diversity of national markets.

Building long-term relationships with local partners helps brands build trust in international markets. This is a long and complex process, but by leveraging the local reputation and relationships of partners, brands can gain trust in international markets more quickly. In addition, long-term cooperative relationships also help reduce market risks, especially in the case of political, economic and cultural uncertainties in the international market, and the endorsement of partners provides a more stable market environment for sea-going brands.

"Overall, partner marketing is not only a key strategy for the brand, but also an indispensable part of the brand's pursuit of sustainable development. By developing and expanding its partner marketing ecosystem, Haihai brands can respond more flexibly to diverse international market challenges and achieve sustainable development. There is no doubt that partner marketing is injecting new vitality and confidence into the sea marketing field. Jennifer Zhang, president of impact Greater China, shared.

In the future, will continue to deepen its cross-border service field and continuously improve its products and services to meet the growing international needs of customers. While continuing to devote itself to technological innovation, the company will strengthen cooperation with global partners, expand market share, promote progress in the whole field of overseas marketing, and help more enterprises achieve the goal of global marketing.

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