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Microsoft Xbox announced new games on XGP in early December: "isolated Island 6", "Tomb Raider: rise" and so on.

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Thanks to netizens for handwriting and Rache clues delivery! November 30 news, Microsoft tonight announced Xbox Game Pass's December new game lineup, including a total of 12 works, will be in storage from December 1 to 12. Note: "ruins: the Rebirth of Ashes" and "relic 2" have been put into storage this morning.

The detailed storage period is as follows (unless otherwise specified, the supported platform defaults to host, PC, and cloud):

December 1: spirit of the North, Steam World: construction

December 5: "Robot Colosseum", "Tomb Raider: rise", "While the Iron's Hot", "Zombie World War II: the rest of life"

December 7: "simulated Goat 3", "Storm City" (PC only)

December 12: "Heart of Tin" and "isolated Island 6"

Game Pass Core (Gold member) December 6: "Chivalry 2", "reliable Express"

It is worth mentioning that Twitter whistleblower billbil-kun earlier today also predicted the new XGP works next month, saying the final result was a complete hit.

A brief introduction to the game "isolated Island Spirit 6" is as follows:

Welcome to Yala, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As the dictator of Yala, Anton Castillo is determined to use all necessary means to restore the country's former glory. And his son, Diego, followed his bloodstained footprints. Their iron-handed rule has ignited a revolution.

Play Danny Rojas, a native of Yala, who participates in the modern guerrilla revolution and liberates Yala. Play the full game alone, or challenge the multiplayer mode with a good friend.

In the largest "island shock" world to date, rebel against Castillo's regime, exploring jungles, beaches and cities, or on foot, on horseback, or on all kinds of vehicles, including ships and jet skis.

Experience the thrill of combat with hundreds of weapons, accompanied by good friends such as the dachshund Jozo and the alligator Shuaibao.

Enjoy all the new content and mechanisms that have been added since the launch, including four new special operations, free hot linkage tasks, and various updates that fans are eagerly looking forward to. examples include new game +, perfectionist aids, extremely difficult mode, and four new equipment configuration bays.

Join Yala's millions of players now!

A brief introduction to the game Tomb Raider: rise is as follows:

Since discovering an ancient secret, Laura must explore the most treacherous and remote parts of Siberia and preempt a brutal group called the Holy Trinity to find the secret of immortality. Laura must use her wit and survival skills to find new allies and eventually embrace fate to become a true Tomb Raider.

This game will take you through more in-depth survival action adventures, experience dangerous times, conquer beautiful but hostile environments, devote yourself to cruel guerrilla battles, and explore magnificent and deadly tombs. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, compared with Laura's first tomb expedition, this wonderful adventure will bring you far more than your first survival experience.

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