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Technology last night this morning 1201: insiders said Blizzard had negotiated the return of national service with NetEase and Tencent, Tencent Games responded; Meizu 21 mobile phone was released, the price starts at 3399 yuan; Lei Jun responded that Xiao

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Hello, everyone. It is Friday, December 1, 2023. Today's important technological information is as follows:

1. Altman officially returned to OpenAI as CEO, while Microsoft joined the board of directors but did not have the right to vote. Altman (Sam Altman) officially returned to OpenAI as CEO (CEO). OpenAI announced that it had reached an agreement in principle and that Altman's return had been completed. Microsoft announced that it would get a non-voting observer seat on the non-profit board that controls OpenAI. > > View details

2. Nubia Z60 Ultra mobile phone official announced in December, "really comprehensive, really comprehensive" Nubian Z60 Ultra mobile phone will be released in December, the official slogan is "really comprehensive, really comprehensive". > > View details

3. BMW and Mercedes-Benz set up a joint venture in China to build a supercharging network. according to official news from the BMW Group, brilliance BMW Co., Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced the signing of a cooperation agreement. The two sides will set up a joint venture in China with a share ratio of 50:50 to operate the supercharging network in the Chinese market. Work together to meet the growing demand of Chinese customers for luxury charging services. > > View details

4. Douyin has banned many millions of fan matrix accounts, and the new rules prohibit improper diversion of large and small accounts to make a profit. The Douyin Security Center issued an announcement on November 30 that there are black ash production organizations in the form of multiple accounts (gangs). Organized release of a large number of low-quality, homogenized and even illegal content and mutual drainage, and try to evade platform management and punishment, improper profit, hurt user experience, disrupt community order. > > View details

5. China Development Bank issues the country's first batch of digital RMB national student loans, the China Development Bank announced that a few days ago, the China Development Bank successfully granted the country's first batch of digital RMB student source credit loans in Suzhou. Cooperate with the settlement agency to grant 186000 yuan in national student loans to 13 students from Suzhou University, Suzhou University College of Applied Technology and Changshu Institute of Technology. > > View details

6. Huang Renxun confirmed that Nvidia develops special chips for China: we will try our best to do business with everyone. Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun attended the DealBook summit on Wednesday local time. He confirmed that the company is developing special chips for the Chinese market, and these chips will not violate US export controls. > > View details

7. Huang Renxun: if the United States wants to supply chips independently, it will take at least 10-20 years. Huang Renxun said at the DealBook conference of the New York Times that Nvidia's existing supply of electronic components comes from all over the world, and it will take at least 10-20 years for the United States to achieve independent chip supply. Colette Kress, Nvidia's chief financial officer, said this week that TSMC's Arizona plant could be the "third contractor" for the brand's GPU. > > View details

8. Outlook for iPhone 16 / Pro series phones: larger display, Wi-Fi 7, improved heat dissipation are expected to be more than 10 months before Apple releases iPhone 16 / Pro phones, but there are already a lot of revelations and known content about iPhone 16 / Pro phones. Foreign media MacRumors has collected relevant information about the series of phones a few days ago. According to several sources, including reliable industry analyst Ross Young, both the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with larger screens. > > View details

9. It is reported that Nvidia RTX 4090 D China special graphics card uses AD102-250 GPU foreign media WccfTech earlier on November 30 to expose Nvidia RTX 4090 D China special graphics card, D may represent Dragon, that is, the year of the Dragon. This graphics card will adopt more streamlined specifications to meet the relevant policies. > > View details

10. Meizu 21 mobile phone release: unbounded aesthetic design, the third generation Snapdragon 8, the price starts from 3399 yuan at the 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference, Meizu 21 mobile phone is officially released, the price starts at 3399 yuan. Meizu 21 is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and officials say that with the addition of Meizu ice cooling technology, OneMind 10.5 and the total area of 37345mm ²heat dissipation stack, different performance and battery life balance have been achieved. Meizu 21 has a built-in 4800mAh battery, which supports 80W fast charging and 100% charging in 40 minutes. The selling price is as follows:

3399 yuan for 8+256GB

3699 yuan for 12+256GB

12+512GB 3999 CNY > > View details

11. Lei Jun responded to the allegation that Xiaomi had no core technology: 5G Standard Patent Global on the afternoon of November 29, as an outstanding alumnus of Wuhan University, Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Technology, appeared at the school celebration and announced that he would donate 1.3 billion yuan in cash to support the development of his alma mater. In his speech, he once again responded to questions such as "Xiaomi does not have core technology", saying that on the whole, Xiaomi does have a certain gap compared with the top technology companies in the world. However, as a 13-year company, Xiaomi's investment and strength in research and development is still very strong. He said, for example, that even in the 5G standard patents, which Xiaomi is considered to be least good at, Xiaomi has a good performance-it accounts for 4.1% of the patents and has entered the top 10 in the world. > > View details

12. The whole series of Ji Yue 01 has a direct drop of 30,000 yuan, and it sells for 219900 yuan. On November 30th, it launched a new price policy and rights and interests: a drop of 30,000 yuan for the whole system; a further 10,000 reduction for the option of long-lasting battery pack. For the new replacement users, the price can be reduced by another 5000 yuan; for the old users who have already picked up the car, Ji Yue will give 30, 000 yuan cash compensation for the price difference according to the price of the latest model. > > View details

13. Amap upgraded intelligent signal service: real-world traffic light countdown reading seconds, real-time calculation of green wave speed Amap announced on November 30 that he had reached a cooperation with official organizations around urban intelligent signal light service throughout the country to promote the integration of official traffic light data into map navigation products. According to reports, the cooperation between the public security traffic police institutions in Xi'an, Lanzhou, Quanzhou, Jining and Beijing Yizhuang and Amap, centering on the deep fusion concept of "sharing, co-governance and sharing" of traffic information, comprehensively promotes the integration of signal state information into Amap's App, and combines Gao de's accumulated cutting-edge technologies such as Beidou positioning, artificial intelligence and intelligent transportation to build core computing power. To provide users with more accurate and efficient intelligent traffic light service. > > View details

14. Meizu official Xuan officially entered the auto market: the first model MEIZU DreamCar MX is deeply customized by users, and the purchase of Meizu 21 can be fully deductible. After Xiaomi car, Meizu brand has also announced that it will officially enter the auto market and will "create an exclusive DreamCar for Meizu friends".

Meizu announced that its first car, called "MEIZU DreamCar MX", will launch the DreamCar co-creation program in the first quarter of 2024 based on SEA architecture and Geely Industry's manufacturing capacity of 4.0.

In addition, all users who buy Meizu 21 can directly deduct the purchase price with the original price, which is equivalent to buying a car and sending a mobile phone. > > View details

15. Insiders said Blizzard had negotiated the return of national service with NetEase and Tencent. Tencent Games responded that according to, recently learned exclusively from informed sources that Blizzard has been negotiating the return of national service with a number of game manufacturers, including NetEase and Tencent, but there is no definite partner and specific return time, and Tencent has not yet responded to this. According to public information, MoreFun Studio is one of the four major studio groups of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group.

Later in the day, Tencent Games responded that the matter was only a live test and was over. Another person close to Tencent said that Rubik's cube is a self-research studio under Tencent and will not act as an agent for external products, and the rumors are not accurate. However, Tencent did not directly respond to whether it would act as Blizzard National Service. > > View details

16. Comac will launch C919 derivative aircraft: "High prototype" 140 seats and "extended" 210 seats according to Aviation House, Comac of China launched a new retrofit of C919 commercial aircraft at the 2023 Shanghai International Commercial Air Show, with a shortened 140-seat layout and an extended 210-seat layout to meet the needs of different markets. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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