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Xiaopeng Huitian "land aircraft carrier" flight car won the first order of 100 units, which will be used for flight camp experience, station connection transportation, etc.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 1, according to the official account of Xiaopeng Huitian, during the fifth Zhejiang International Intelligent Transportation Industry Expo this morning, Jiaxing Nanhu District Road-Air Cooperative Stereoscopic Transportation Industry Research Institute (Nanhu Jiaotong Academy of Sciences) signed a reservation agreement with Guangdong Huitian Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Xiaopeng Huitian), which plans to book 100 "land aircraft carrier" flying vehicles. It is used for the comprehensive management of highway, waterway and other traffic fields, as well as the experience of flight camp, station connection transportation and so on.

According to reports, the "land aircraft carrier" flying car booked this time can not only meet the needs of individual users, but also meet the application needs of some public services, such as patrolling, emergency rescue, and so on. Xiaopeng Huitian said that "this cooperation takes a fancy to the value of its public services."

According to previous reports, Xiaopeng Huitian's split flying vehicle "Land aircraft Carrier" was officially unveiled during Xiaopeng Automobile 1024 Science and Technology Day this year. This product is developed by Xiaopeng Huitian, an ecological enterprise of Xiaopeng, and focuses on the integrated design of land and air. It adopts a two-part configuration design, which is divided into two parts: the land body and the flying body, and can be separated and combined automatically.

The land vehicle of this split flying vehicle is a 4-5-person cockpit, which is equipped with an incremental hybrid power system to replenish the flight body for many times. the whole vehicle adopts the design of three-axle and six-wheel vehicle, which can realize 6 × 6 all-wheel drive and rear wheel steering. The flying body part is a pure electric manned aircraft, which can achieve vertical take-off and landing and low-altitude flight, and support manual / automatic driving modes. In addition, the charging of the aircraft can be completed in the carriage, which can provide protection against dust and rain.

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