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Microsoft is openly soliciting opinions to bring a "developer model" to Win11.

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Shulou( Report--, December 2 (Xinhua) Microsoft officially updated the GitHub page of the Dev Home application recently, hoping to introduce the "advanced Windows settings" option into the Win11 settings application, providing a wealth of control options to help users better control the device. Note: Microsoft has openly solicited comments on GitHub, hoping that developers and users will actively participate and provide ideas and suggestions on options or features.

Microsoft admitted in the post that developers need to adjust a lot of setting options or registry contents when developing with the Win11 platform, many of which cannot be done by setting applications or are difficult to find in the entire system.

Microsoft wants the "Advanced Windows Settings" option, similar to the "developer mode" in Android phones, to help developers and ordinary users have better control over their computers.

Microsoft also clarified that "advanced Windows settings" does not mean replacing existing options and features in system > developer settings.

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