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LG shows a sharp increase in automotive OLED orders, further consolidating its position as the number one in the world

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Shulou( Report--, December 3 (Xinhua)-- according to Businesskorea, with more orders from major customers, LG Display will begin to further consolidate its position as the world's number one in the car display business.

At present, LG Display already has a clear advantage in the field of large OLED panels such as televisions, and has been supplying Apple's iPhone for many years, but in recent years it has also begun to make efforts in the field of automotive OLED displays.

At present, LG Display customers include GM, Volvo, Land Rover, Porsche and many other automakers.

Since 2018, LG Display has ranked first in the world in terms of market share of 10-inch and larger high-end on-board displays for five consecutive years, according to Omdia.

According to reports, LG Display is a latecomer in the field of automotive display screens. The company did not enter the market until 2005, when it only produced central control screens (CID), but in fact, the market was dominated by Japanese manufacturers at that time.

Later, on the basis of LTPS LCD, LG Display launched a variety of automotive OLED displays by using its proprietary technology and ultra-large, low power consumption and ultra-high brightness technology, thus gradually gaining a large share of the large-scale vehicle display market with high added value.

▲ image source: LG query found that the second generation of LG Display series OLED display has been mass-produced this year, reducing its power consumption by about 40% compared with the previous generation.

Foreign media said that on the basis of series organic light-emitting diode technology, LG Display plans to obtain more orders by providing differentiated technology for the three major product lines (p-OLED, ultra-thin OLED and LTPS LCD).

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