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"it's over! I'm surrounded by beauties! "the game DLC starts shooting in Xiamen, and it is reported that they are all brand new characters.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua)-- earlier this year, an interactive love game "is over!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "it became popular on the Internet and reached the top of the Steam sales list. Developer INTINY has announced that it will develop game DLC content.

According to the latest picture posted by blogger @ Nanyuan mint natural cool, "it's over!" I'm surrounded by beauties! The game DLC has been filmed in Xiamen, and the official DLC launch ceremony was held on December 3.

The blogger also said that DLC content "should all be new characters" and that more details have not yet been released.

According to a casting poster circulated online last month, "it's over!" I'm surrounded by beauties! "DLC will usher in three new roles, namely, an athlete, a teacher and a female doctor of science. The contents of are as follows:

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