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MasterGo (Mogao Design) contracts Orebo to build enterprise product design platform.

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Shulou( Report--

A few days ago, MasterGo (Mogao Design) signed a contract with Oribo to provide Oribo with a safe and stable enterprise-level product design platform, helping Oribo to start the online collaboration mode of production and research. It is reported that ORVIBO was born in 2011. After ten years of development, it has become a unicorn enterprise in the global "AloT + new energy" whole house intelligent field. Oribo has won internationally renowned product and technology awards for many times, serving more than 3.5 million families around the world. It is a national-level "specialized and innovative" high-tech enterprise and is called a small giant in the field of smart home by the industry.

With the deepening of digital transformation, MasterGo, an enterprise-level product design platform in the AI era, has become the unanimous choice of many enterprises. MasterGo serves customers in various industries, producing excellent enterprise-level customer practice cases in various fields such as science and technology, new energy, logistics services.

MasterGo (Mogao Design) has thus obtained high-quality and high-standard customer requirements for high complexity, large teams and large files in the real production scenarios of local head enterprises. These enterprise-level requirements also promote the rapid iteration of MasterGo (Mogao Design). After more than 2 years of rapid iteration and growth, MasterGo"Domestic Design Software Co-creation Plan" announced the perfect ending, MasterGo 2.0 also emerged. Different from the way MasterGo 1.0 phase follows international product best practices, MasterGo (Mogao Design) will be based on the pain points of Chinese enterprise customers in 2.0 phase, aiming at personal enhancement, collaboration enhancement and business result enhancement, opening a new stage of independent innovation development and leading industry transformation.

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