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Jolla, the parent company of Swordfish system Sailfish OS, has been reorganized, and its business has been acquired by former management.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua)-- Jolla is the developer of the Swordfish operating system Sailfish OS operating system. The company is set up by a group of Nokia veterans to develop Linux mobile systems that can replace Google's Android operating system.

▲ Swordfish operating system and according to the official press release of Jolla, the company began to implement its corporate restructuring plan in the spring of 2023, and on November 24 this year, the Pirkanmaa District Court made a decision on the restructuring plan and ordered the business to be sold completely to a new company, which was successfully acquired by the former management of Jolla.

▲ Touyuan Jolla official press release Antti Saarnio, chairman of the new company and one of the founders of Jolla, said, "now the company's management and employees can continue and start new profit plans and develop business with customers while establishing a strong partnership with our community."

It is reported that at present, Jolla will continue to develop and sell Sailfish OS and actively promote the "AppSupport for Linux Platforms" business to automakers ( Note: this service can provide independent compatibility with regular Android applications for the Linux platform, and users do not need to obtain the license of the complete Sailfish OS operating system).

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