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Redmi K70E mobile phone 512G version 2069 yuan interest-free for 6 installments

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Shulou( Report--

The Redmi K70E phone was released on November 29, with the first launch of the KTJ 8300-Ultra processor, which runs OS,12GB + 512GB and sells for 2199 yuan. dropped 100 yuan today to 2099 yuan: Redmi K70E mobile phone 12GB+512GB2099 yuan direct link to post a single return of 30 yuan red packet, to hand price from 2069 yuan, support white strip 6 interest-free.

The Redmi K70 E phone is equipped with a rage engine 3.0, an Rabbit runs more than 152 million points, and is equipped with 5000mm ²stainless steel VC heat dissipation.

Redmi K70 E is equipped with 5500mAh battery + 90W fast charge, body thickness 8.05mm. In addition, the first launch of the machine is equipped with millet starfish algorithm can repair battery technology, it is claimed that after 1000 long cycles of heavy load, the battery effective capacity is still ≥ 90%.

The machine is equipped with a second-generation 1.5K straight screen, 120Hz high brush, the highest 1920Hz PWM dimming, peak brightness of 1800 nits; rear 64MP main shot (Howie OV64B,OIS) + 8MP ultra wide angle (Howie OV08D10) + 2MP macro (Stevie SC202PCS) triple shot, front 16MP (Howie OV16A1Q) lens.

In addition, the machine supports NFC, infrared remote control, screen optical fingerprint, 0809 X-axis linear motor, 10121216 stereo dual loudspeakers. Redmi K70E mobile phone 12GB+512GB2099 yuan direct link

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