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The gravitation list of Jiazi was announced, and Weizi was selected as the list of the most potential business in China's digital human field in 2023.

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Micro-praise was selected as the list of the most potential business in China's digital human field in 2023.

The "Map Research report on large models of artificial Intelligence in China" released by the New Generation artificial Intelligence Development Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology shows that the number of large models developed in China ranks second in the world. Based on this, the domestic large model has entered a period of rapid development, accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation of Qianhang and Baiye.

Against this background, the "2023 Jiazi Gravitation year-end Festival to catch up with the Wind and catch up with the Moon" sponsored by Jiazi Lightyear, a Chinese science and technology industry think tank, was successfully held in Beijing. During this period, Jiazi Lightyear issued the "Jiazi 20" list, which aims to recognize the outstanding science and technology enterprises that have core technical strength in all segments of the science and technology industry and have made outstanding achievements in commercialization in 2023.

It is worth mentioning that Weizan, with its professional technical ability, product advantages and deep service precipitation in the digital human field, was selected into Jiazi 20 [2023 China most Business potential list] Top10.

Picture source: Jiazi Lightyear [Jiazi 20] list

Praise AI for digital people, multi-effect enabling business growth

The report "current situation and opportunity Analysis of China's AI Digital Human Market" shows that the scale of China's AI digital human market shows a trend of rapid growth, and is expected to reach 10.24 billion yuan by 2026.

It is reported that AI Digital Human Live developed by Weizan team uses the latest AI digital human technology to provide 3-minute video + voice material, which can generate the same digital human features, movements and expressions as real people, and can be used in unmanned live broadcasting, content broadcasting, audience interaction, broadcast operation and other scenarios.

On the application layer, AI introduces scripted trigger technology, which can automate live broadcast scripts, interact with audience questions in real time, and access AIGC to assist digital people to generate content independently, greatly liberating content productivity; in the effect layer, AI digital people use AI training model to identify character features, data normalization training, AI to predict model movements, voiceprint features, and create a 1-to-1 corresponding human effect.

(photo: WeChat AI broadcast Digital Man Tour)

Micro-praise AI broadcast Digital Man can not only achieve 24-hour live broadcast, support the setting of script, support the real-time response of custom keywords to viewers, greatly improve the operational efficiency, but also reduce the operating cost of live broadcasting, so as to "save time and effort" and "save money". It can also improve the live broadcast effect in terms of frequent viewing, conversion rate, turnover and so on.

AI Live Broadcasting reshapes the New Paradigm of Marketing

According to reports, Weizan will hold an AI product launch conference in July 2023, focusing on the new digital intelligence upgrade of brand AI products to help enterprises broadcast live. Among them, the functions newly developed by Weizang product team, such as enterprise intelligent assistant, inspiration creation, AI data analysis, intelligent editing, can not only create solutions with low cost, generate promotional videos through AI intelligent clips, but also efficiently obtain business results through AI data analysis, and reshape a new paradigm of corporate marketing.

In the future, AI technology will accelerate the commercialization of digital people, lead enterprises to change their marketing models, and bring more application scenarios and business values.

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