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"Jianling" nostalgic service Longlin scenery map released by the real machine, will be launched next spring.

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Shulou( Report-- December 17 news, "Jianling" officially announced that "Jianling" nostalgic clothing Longlin landscape map real machine display, using illusory engine 4 production, will be launched in the spring of 2024.

It is understood that the nostalgic clothes of "Jianling" will return to the version of "Water Moon Plain" from 2013 to 2014, and restore the main plot, feeder plot, copy and wild Boss of this version. previously reported that "Jianling" nostalgic clothes will adopt the season style, divided into Chinese mainland clothes and international clothes, and will be comprehensively optimized from the game engine, gameplay, and professional system, as follows:

Return to Shuiyue version

Continue to optimize the art details of nostalgic clothes on the basis of UE4

Return of PVP maps such as White Fog Forest, colorful Rock Island, Turtle Coast, Xuefeng Desert, etc.

Equipped with different skills, nearly 100 schools are free to choose.

The game method of the season, the first place to protect the liver.

Full map exploration collection mode, field classic BOSS reshaping

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