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Huang Zhipan of Star Meizu Group: "handcar interconnection" brings a better experience to consumers at a lower cost.

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From December 2 to 5,2023 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs was held in Boao, Hainan. Huang Zhipan, Executive Vice President and President of Mobile Phone Business Department of Xingji Meizu Group, was invited to attend the meeting and participated in the high-end dialogue on "Transformation and Evolution in the New Marketing Era."

For the new marketing era, the future development trend of mobile phones and automobiles, Huang Zhipan said: Now the automobile, mobile phone manufacturers are two-way to go, the future two industries of the track must also be for common users of multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive experience integration relationship.

2023 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs is jointly sponsored by Xinhua Agency, Hainan Province People's Government and China Brand Construction Promotion Association, and undertaken by Brand Work Office of Xinhua Agency and Xinhua Net. Among them, 2023 China Automobile Marketing New Wind Forum takes "insight into new trends" as the theme, and many automobile industry stakeholders from government, association, enterprises, experts, media and so on gather together to discuss the new trends of automobile industry development and innovation of marketing mode. As Xingji Meizu Group, which has the first-mover advantage in "hand-car interconnection," its cutting-edge thinking and practice in the integration of consumer electronics and automobile industry has become a highlight of the conference and has received extensive attention from the guests attending the conference.

Under the background that the automobile industry enters the second half of intellectualization, new formats and new modes constantly emerge. Among them, mobile phone manufacturers build cars, automobile manufacturers make mobile phones phenomenon has attracted industry attention. Huang Zhipan, executive vice president and president of the mobile phone business unit of Xingji Meizu Group, said,"In the era of smart cars, cars are not just vehicles, and there is an urgent need to expand their use scenarios; although smart phones are at the forefront of the industry in chips, mobile Internet, ecology, etc., they also need to link more terminals to meet the increasing use needs of consumers. Therefore, the two-way rush of the automobile and mobile phone industry is an inevitable trend in the development of smart cars. "

Since its establishment, Xingji Meizu Group has realized the connection of data, team and computing power around the business development curve of "mobile phone + XR + smart car" through more than ten years of systematic innovation, bottom reconstruction and cross-border integration. At present, it has become a leading enterprise in the cross-border integration track of consumer electronics and automobile industry.

In response to the issue of "what consumer electronics enterprises can bring to the automobile industry," Xingji Meizu Group explores solutions that change the technical architecture of smart cars, create a brand-new "mobile phone domain" concept, and deeply empower the automobile industry.

"Mobile phone domain," that is, beyond the five domains of traditional cars (power domain, chassis domain, body domain, cockpit domain, autonomous driving domain), makes mobile phones truly integrate into and become part of the car. At present, Xingji Meizu Group has released Meizu 20 and Meizu 21 series flagship smartphones, MYVUAR smart glasses, unbounded ecosystem FlymeOS, and a brand-new "hand-car integration" solution Flyme Link, which can realize seamless connection, ecological sharing and capability sharing between mobile phones, smart AR glasses and vehicles. Huang Zhipan stressed: "Handcart interconnection can accelerate the iteration of ordinary cars and traditional cars to intelligent cars, bringing richer and more perfect ecology to intelligent cars." "This is also a new direction for Xingji Meizu Group to explore and develop for the whole industry.

In the future, Xingji Meizu Group will focus on the business development curve of "mobile phone + XR + smart car," continuously promote the cross-border integration of consumer electronics and automobile industry, bring more innovation and breakthrough for smart car 3.0 era together with global partners, and bring more convenient and intelligent travel experience for consumers.

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