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Black shark mobile phone responded to "not doing my job": nowadays, resources are limited, so we can only cover up the products on hand.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizen X42 for the clue delivery! news on December 4, the new black shark launch is scheduled for 20:00 on December 5, but there should be only some e-sports peripheral products.

Black Shark peripherals official only said that this new peripheral has a more real shock, can make people "immersive" and make it more enjoyable to play games. At present, netizens in the comment area have also made guesses about the product categories, mostly pointing to audio devices such as speakers and headphones.

Blackshark officially released a long article today to answer the long update gap in mobile phone products ( Note: the last model is the high-energy version of Blackshark 5 released in August 2022), while also warming up for tomorrow's launch.

Black shark said: now we, after repeated hammering, the bones are hard, can not be broken, watches, headphones, handles and other products, are black sharks step by step to save themselves, because of this, black sharks can continue to stand here.

Today's black shark, limited resources, it is difficult to make all aspects watertight, we can only try to cover the products on hand, hope it can blossom and bear fruit.

Cell phones or peripherals, all this is to tell you that we are still moving forward, as long as there is such a breath, the black shark will go on, unswervingly!

The heart fire of black shark competition is not extinguished.

Our pursuit of competition will never stop.

Even if the night is not clear, as long as there is everyone's company

We move forward without fear.

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