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Lenovo launches Chromebox Micro mini mainframe for digital signage and other devices.

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, Lenovo today aimed at subway, shopping malls and other high-person traffic scenarios, 24x7 digital signage and other equipment, launched the Chromebox Micro mini mainframe.

The Chromebox Micro mini-mainframe is fanless and can be connected to two 4K resolution monitors, which can be placed in a small space.

The Chromebox Micro mini-host is equipped with a wide range of connections, including USB-C, USB-An and HDMI ports, as well as screw holes for easy installation.

Lenovo has also partnered with Instorescreen to create 15.6in and 21.5in inFLEX displays specifically for Chromebox Micro.

These displays are equipped with special grooves on the back, just enough to accommodate the Chromebox Micro mini-mainframe and can efficiently accommodate a variety of connecting cables.

Lenovo Chromebox Micro is built for large-scale deployment and provides simple remote management. It integrates with ChromeOS self-service terminals and digital signage upgrades, making it easy to set up and control multiple self-service terminal units.

In addition, the ChromeOS zero-touch registration feature enhances the deployment process by simplifying the deployment of preconfigured devices. The compact and rugged construction of the device, combined with ChromeOS's user-friendly and security platform, can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of Lenovo Chromebox Micro.

Lenovo plans to launch the Chromebox Micro in some markets in the first quarter of 2024, starting at $219 ( Note: currently about 1564 yuan).

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