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Symantec & Westcon join hands with each other in the future

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Westcon China and Broadcom Symantec successfully held 6 national core channel tour exhibitions in Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Beijing in May. This year, we also held 3 customer salon events related to fast consumer, Internet, manufacturing, logistics and other industries in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, while attending the manufacturing CIO summit in Guangzhou for the first time in September. This round of various forms of activities attracted more than 550 industry professionals, including representatives of partners, industry elites and senior data security directors, to discuss in depth the IT security changes in the cloud era, and share the relevant contents of new Symantec products and product feature updates. The atmosphere of the event was warm, and each event received a very good response.

As the only general underwriter of Broadcom Symantec in China, Westcon China is not satisfied with this. They will continue to work closely with Symantec to move forward. Westcon China is committed to providing our customers with more high-quality, more professional and more comprehensive services and create resplendence. At the same time, Westcon China will continue to adhere to its mission to provide customers with excellent solutions and unparalleled technical support.

Through this event, Westcon China has established a closer cooperative relationship with companies in the industry, further enhancing their influence in the network security market. It can be predicted that Westcon China will continue to play an important role in enterprise security in the future, providing enterprise customers with more secure and stable network solutions.


Broadcom Broadcom is a global technology leader in infrastructure solutions, providing leading semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions to help customers build and grow successful businesses in changing environments. Symantec Symantec, a leading global solution provider in the field of information security under Broadcom, provides a wide range of content and network security software and hardware solutions for enterprises, individual users and service providers to help individuals and businesses ensure the security, availability and integrity of information.

Westcon China

Broadcom, the world's leading information security vendor, formally reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Westcon. Westcon China is fully responsible for the sales and technical support services of Broadcom's Symantec products in Chinese mainland region. As the exclusive distributor of Symantec China, Westcon China will actively promote enterprise-level information security services to promote the market coverage of Symantec SEP endpoint security protection products, DLP data anti-disclosure products, SMG email security gateway products, DCS data center protection products, ALT endpoint management products, SESC cloud, EDR endpoint protection full version solutions, SEE terminal encryption products and VIP authentication products in China. To create a complete system covering products, channels, industry markets and technical support services, as always, to provide users with the world's leading security products and services!

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