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The second model of Huawei Smart World has been exposed: standard Tesla Model Y will be launched in the second half of next year.

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Thanks to netizens, assassins for their clues delivery!, December 5, according to Blue Whale, learned from industry insiders close to Huawei that the second model of Zhijie, a partnership between Huawei and Chery, will be launched in the second half of next year, with an internal code name EHY, known as "large Model Y", with a 100-degree battery pack. It is reported that the intellectual circles hope that the first two products will directly compete with Tesla, EH3 (Wisdom S7) and EHY are implied internally as the standard Tesla Model 3 / Y. noted that car blogger Torpedo 2954 recently posted a set of spy photos of Chery's mysterious new car, which is a cross-border "sports" SUV with a round body outline and a lidar on the front.

▲ Touyuan Torpedo 2954, according to the blogger's analysis, the new car is a model of the Zhijie EHY project, which is called "Zhijie S9" by many information sources. From the perspective of details, the headlights and taillights of the new car adopt a design similar to that of the Wisdom S7, and the taillight profile is exactly the same as that of the Wisdom S7, which does not rule out the possibility of "completely universal".

In terms of interior decoration, the car has a cockpit design that is highly similar to that of the Wisdom S7, as well as an olive-shaped steering wheel and a locker in front of the passenger car, and the entire center console still forms a multi-storey "office desk". However, due to the increase in the height of the car, the armrest and sub-instrument console of the new car have been thickened.

At the same time, the blogger also posted a photo of the car message: the model is called "EHY-HW Motor-Rear Drive long Voyage version". According to it, HW Motor naturally refers to Huawei Motor, which is rumored to be named Drive One Motor.

On November 28, Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang's first car, the Zhijie S7, went on sale, offering a total of four models, priced from 249800 yuan. The new car is equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit, combined with intelligent technology such as HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system. Currently, the number of bookings for the S7 has exceeded 20000.

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