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2023 AI Design practice report: domestic AI Design tools have great potential for development

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Is AI design really powerful? What are the problems during use? In order to explore these answers, on December 5, at the Meitu Creativity Conference site, Meitu and Station Cool jointly released the "2023 AI Design Practice Report" to help designers better adapt to the AI era full of opportunities and challenges.

The report surveyed 5034 people, of which professional designers accounted for 46.3%, and also covered new media operations, e-commerce operations, KOL and other groups.

The report focuses on five aspects: how popular AI design is in China, what everyone uses AI to design, three pain points of AI design tools, AI design commercial landing cases, future trends and suggestions.

AI design tools are more popular than expected in the Internet industry

The survey results of the report show that the personal popularity of AI design tools exceeds expectations, but 30% of respondents still do not use them due to problems such as charging, operation and effect. The data shows that 47.6% of individuals have used native AI design tools, 37.0% have used AI design functions in traditional tools, and 34.7% have never used AI design tools.

It is clear that AI design tools into the enterprise application space is still very large, only 8.4% of enterprises use AI design tools, 38.2% are exploring the road, there are still half of the enterprises are not moved.

From the industry point of view, AI design tools are widely used in the Internet industry, such as food and beverage, shoes and clothing, beauty makeup and other entity industries also actively embrace AI design. Deep optimization combined with the characteristics of different industries will be a key factor in whether AI design can penetrate the industry.

AI design takes the lead in landing graphic design. Domestic AI still has great development potential.

AI design takes the lead in the field of graphic design, and gradually expands to application scenarios such as effect fusion, UI, portrait, etc.

In addition, AI is currently more of a creative aid, and at this stage it still needs to be combined with traditional design tools to complete design delivery. Among them, the top three in the field of graphic design using AI design are illustrations, sketches and inspiration drawings, and poster base drawings, accounting for 38.7%, 34.3% and 31.8% respectively.

AI brings about changes in the way we work in terms of helping creative ideas, improving style diversity, improving completion, optimizing graphics, etc.

At present, the utilization rate of overseas AI design tools is much higher than that of domestic AI design tools, which are 83.6% and 52.1% respectively. However, domestic AI has also gained popularity among communicators because of its low threshold, support for Chinese and Asian aesthetics. Although it started a little late, domestic AI still has great development potential, with the characteristics of novice friendliness, Chinese prompt words, excellent East Asian portrait, stronger and better elements of national style and tide, etc.

Three major pain points in the industry: inaccurate control, defective generation, and controversial copyright

However,"inaccurate control, flawed generation, copyright controversy" are the three pain points AI design tools face. Among them, 45.5% of designers think that they can't control the content of the generated pictures finely, 36.0% think that there is a gap between the generated content and description, etc.; 46.1% of designers think that the generated pictures are unnatural and have errors, 40.2% think that the AI feeling of the pictures is too strong, it seems fake, etc.; on the copyright issue, 48.6% of designers worry about the existence of copyright disputes in AI design.

According to the report, AI design tools can evolve to a new stage only if they can be accurate, controllable, layered, vectorized, edited again and previewed in real time.

AI design has been applied in jewelry design, music album design, publicity marketing and other scenarios

At present, AI design has commercial landing cases. For example, in jewelry design, you can complete creative ideas, plan confirmation at the graphic design stage, delivery of factory samples, etc.

In addition, in the music cover album design, creative maps can be customized to save search time in the network material library. Improve design efficiency and quickly generate ideas that incorporate brand characteristics.

In the marketing model map, it is suitable for holiday marketing publicity map, which uses AI technology to save model cost and has more customization requirements for details.

2024: AI video generation will usher in a big outbreak. Domestic tools are expected to surpass overseas tools.

The report shows that AI design will gradually penetrate the workflow in the future, forming a new working mode.

AI has also brought about a change in the ability structure of design, with technical skills as the foundation and aesthetic appreciation and creativity later. In the future, with the help of AI, the ability will present an inverted triangle, technology is no longer the core competitiveness, aesthetic appreciation, creativity, data thinking is. Designers are no longer limited to traditional definitions, and there will be more professional branches, such as creative consultants, style fusion engineers, cross-border brokers, semantic engineers, etc.

The report puts forward three suggestions for design workers in the AI era: one is to improve aesthetic and creative abilities; the other is to think more cross-border; and the third is to precipitate experience into models and eventually become AI masters in practice.

The report predicts AI design trends from 2024 to 2025: firstly, AI brings about changes in design generalization and design capability structure, and a group of new designers who are good at AI will emerge; secondly, AI design capability and coverage category will be more perfect and become standard design workflow; thirdly, AI video generation will usher in a big explosion in 2024; Fourthly, AI will shine brilliantly in the marketing field. In 2024, there will be several AI marketing cases at the national screen level; fifth, by the end of 2024, the utilization rate of AI design tools in the Chinese market, domestic tools are expected to exceed overseas tools, and the future can be expected.

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