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Microsoft announces Copilot's next plan to support GPT-4 Turbo and the new DALL-E 3 model

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, Microsoft announced today that Copilot will continue to innovate, such as OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo and the latest DALL-E 3 model.

GPT-4 TurboCopilot will soon be able to generate responses using OpenAI's latest GPT-4 Turbo, enabling you to handle more complex and longer tasks, such as writing code.

Microsoft said the model is currently being tested by some users and will be widely integrated into Copilot in the coming weeks.

DALL-E 3Copilot now updates the DALL-E 3 model so that users can follow prompts to create higher quality and more accurate images. You can access this feature by accessing or by asking Copilot to create an image.

Multimodal search Foundation this function combines GPT-4 functions, vision, Bing image search and web search data capabilities to provide better image understanding.

This is shown in the following figure. The traditional multimodal system can only describe the contents of the image in general, but with the search basis, we can accurately identify the space shuttle and its launch date.

Code interpreter Microsoft is also developing a new code interpreter. With this feature, you can perform complex tasks, such as accurate calculation, coding, data analysis, visualization, mathematics, and so on. Microsoft plans to launch widely in the near future, and will bring you detailed reports in the future.

Video understanding and Q & A-Copilot in Edge you can now summarize or ask questions about the videos you are watching in Edge. As shown in the figure below, if you are watching Microsoft CEO Satya's latest Ignite keynote video, you can ask Copilot to summarize it for you.

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