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JFrog launches "customer first" Global partner Program

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JFrog, a streaming software company and enterprise software supply chain platform provider, announced the launch of a global channel partner program designed to help customers adopt JFrog solutions through third parties and create new revenue streams for JFrog and its partners.

The challenges facing IT customers have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Enterprise IT spending has grown from $2.4 billion in 2003 to $4.6 trillion in 2023. With the advent of cloud-native technologies, businesses are finding new ways to procure, use, and maintain their own software supply chains. This creates tremendous opportunities for partners around the world, but partners need to maintain product flexibility and agility in an evolving IT environment to maintain competitive advantage. JFrog can help partners stay in the lead for the long term, supporting their business market-to-technology trend strategy with a modern, flexible and collaborative approach.

"JFrog provides on-premises and cloud solutions to a growing number of enterprises," said Tali Notman, Chief Revenue Officer of JFrog. Strong community support is our foundation, and today we are a pioneer in DevOps and security. As the company prepares for the future, I'm excited to see JFrog thrive further in collaboration with trusted third-party partners. "

The JFrog Channel Partner Program is designed to empower partners with technology and business capabilities and put customers at the heart of everything. The new program offers flexible options, including co-selling and resale. Working with JFrog means no need to climb the pyramid. From day one of the partnership, partners control their own destiny, and JFrog accompanies them on their sales journey. The JFrog Channel Partner Program focuses on collaboration, providing direct incentives and program benefits designed to maximize customer preferences.

Kelly Hartman, senior vice president of global channels and alliances at JFrog, said: "Our goal is to provide value to our partners by leveraging our solutions and expertise trusted by many Fortune 100 companies around the world. We upended the traditional model of investing heavily in partners because we saw partners as strategic allies. Together, we will advance technology and expand the multi-billion dollar DevOps, DevSecOps, MLOps and IoT markets while helping our mutual customers achieve their business goals. "

JFrog Global Partner Program Overview

1. No upfront cost input

No upfront costs until you see partner value. To establish a partnership with JFrog, no upfront fees will be required.

2. JFrog works with partners

From the moment they become a JFrog Partner, there are dedicated Business Partner Managers to assist them on their journey to JFrog and help them succeed.

3. sales and technical support

Technology is constantly updated and changing, making it difficult to have expertise in every technology area. JFrog will provide commercial assistance and technical support for each qualified sales opportunity. JFrog takes partner business seriously and treats partners like its own sales team.

4. empowering partners

Some companies offer only general sales support to partners and want to join quickly. JFrog designs detailed and specific training programs and business support for partners. Partners 'sales, marketing and technical teams have the opportunity to learn about JFrog's products and how to bring JFrog to their customers.

5. Farewell to MDF (Market Development Fund) Management

MDF (Market Development Fund) means that someone must be hired to track MDF budgets, reimbursements, etc. JFrog will help partners sell better to each other and eliminate process complexity. JFrog will provide partners with the opportunity to participate in or organize JFrog customer events and jointly drive new business through joint activities.

6. No more "sell and forget" situations.

JFrog expects partners to stay with customers for the long term and help partners stay ahead of the curve. That's why JFrog has created incentives from inception and after initial sales so that partners can continue to advise and bring JFrog's new products to customers, helping partners 'customers meet their growth needs.

7. Make syndication easy

JFrog's onboarding process and training process are simple. JFrog's approach is to provide partners with the resources they need to engage customers and engage JFrog. When sales opportunities arise, JFrog and partners have the flexibility to sell, subscribe and renew in ways that best suit everyone.

Technology partners are at the heart of JFrog's strategy to deliver customer value. JFrog's goal is to provide customers with comprehensive software supply chain solutions-from planning and coding to deployment and monitoring. JFrog will work with technology partners to deliver best-in-class DevSecOps solutions to meet the evolving growth and needs of customers.

JFrog is committed to collaborating and investing with technology partners to improve the security of software supply chain platforms, leverage artificial intelligence in software development and deployment, and simplify customer development tool requirements. Drive growth and customer innovation through JFrog's partner program.

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