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Apple was ordered to pay 70,000 won to each of the seven South Korean iPhone users for its "battery door"

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Shulou( Report--, December 6 (Xinhua)-- Apple has been ordered by the Seoul High Court in South Korea to compensate seven South Korean iPhone users 70,000 won each ( Note: currently about 381 yuan) for "deliberately reducing device performance through iOS software updates."

Earlier, more than 62000 South Korean iPhone users filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing Apple of deliberately reducing the performance of old phones after software updates, forcing users to buy new phones and demanding compensation of 200,000 won (currently about 1088 yuan) to each person.

The court found that Apple should compensate consumers because they suffered psychological damage as a result of the violation of their "right to choose".

In fact, the scandal, known as the "battery door", dates back to the end of 2017, when a large number of users accused Apple of deliberately reducing the performance of some iPhone models through system updates to reduce the battery life of the device.

Apple initially denied deliberately limiting the performance of the iPhone. But the company later said it was doing so to extend battery life, saying it was not forcing users to buy new equipment.

Prior to this, the lower court ruled against 62000 South Korean iPhone users, of which seven plaintiffs appealed to the Court of Appeal and won.

"even if the software update is designed to prevent the device from shutting down, it does limit performance such as the CPU," the court said. "Apple has a responsibility to provide adequate explanation so that users can decide whether to install the update, but it violates this obligation."

However, the Seoul High Court accepted only part of the plaintiff's claim, dismissing the allegation that Apple software updates were tantamount to malicious programs that damaged their iPhone devices.

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