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Really low price, good service mobile phone digital store to create high-quality experience space

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Shulou( Report-- Mobile Digital Store is a physical store brand created by the omni-channel business department of Retail 3C Digital Business Department. Relying on 's full range of supply chain resources, integrating online and offline superior mobile phone supply chain, and relying on 's centralized traffic enabling tools, provide professional retail solutions for communication mobile phone retailers and comprehensively assist the transformation of offline retail. mobile phone digital store S1.1 live shooting-door image

With the continuous strengthening of consumers' immersive experience and WYSIWYG in the process of consumption, has been exploring the direction of omni-channel for nearly a decade, and in the development of the next decade, omni-channel will still be a main line of 's business. At present, the multi-category, digital and service-oriented mobile digital store has gradually formed the three core competencies of omni-channel supply chain, omni-channel store digitalization and omni-channel marketing, which are drained to the store by App, live broadcast by to cover a wider range of consumers, and achieves three kilometers of life circle coverage in an hour, constantly improving store service efficiency and capability, and optimizing user consumption experience. Mobile Digital Store S1.1 Live shooting-Store layout mobile digital store is mainly aimed at communications retailers, focusing on communications and accessories, integrating audio-visual entertainment, smart wear and other multi-category sales, and creating experienced and high-quality digital collection store solutions for high and low-line global markets. combined with multi-product brand offline authorization identity, relatively low comprehensive cost, relatively rich categories, online traffic multiple enabling, promote the efficiency upgrading of traditional communication stores. Mobile Digital Store S1.1 Live shooting-Store layout mobile phone digital store adhere to the synchronization of products throughout the network, quality rest assured to buy, professional consultancy services, thousands of goods in control, perfect after-sales protection, products worry-free return and maintenance. In December 2016, the first mobile digital store ( Mobile Digital-Yunnan Yuxi store) opened. On June 6, 2017, the first mobile digital Shopping Mall store ( Mobile Digital-Liaoning Shenyang Vientiane Huidian) opened.

In June 2018, the first mobile digital communication brand cooperation store ( Mobile Digital-Dabei Road store in Panyu, Shenzhen, Guangdong) opened. In March 2019, the campus store "Jingmeng Space", the first mobile digital store, opened. In February 2020, arrived home and launched the live broadcast business to help the store operation. In December 2020, the number of mobile digital stores nationwide exceeded 1000. In June 2022, 3C digital omni-channel business integration upgrade, wide category narrow SKU multi-terminal enabling store model. In March 2023, the number of mobile digital stores nationwide exceeded 1200. Mobile Digital Store S1.1 Live shooting-Store layout

With the vision of "keeping the joy of opening the store" and the mission of "continuously creating profits for partners", mobile digital store focuses on the current head brands in the industry at the end of the supply chain and cooperates closely with brand manufacturers through online and offline multi-terminal to obtain more advantageous supply chain costs. At the same time, through the strong integration ability in the cooperation of manufacturers, to create a more flexible and richer supply system.

On the basis of multi-brand and multi-category supply chain empowerment, computer digital store strengthens the link between goods and market by upgrading and reorganizing the retail model of "main push products + accessories + services". Fully embodies the four core values of 's supply chain products: online diversion, efficient completion of categories, users and one-stop experience. Mobile Digital Store S1.1 Live shooting-Store layout

In order to solve the problem of low passenger flow in retail stores, mobile phone digital store, in terms of traffic introduction, in addition to the basic store natural passenger flow, can import users with clear needs into offline stores on the detailed page of the main station, and make multiple exposures to stores in different channels and pages to promote consumers' offline shopping decisions. In addition to the drainage at 's main station, in the domain where consumers spend a long time, such as Wechat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other public platforms, release the content of 's mobile digital store to attract user interaction, and pay attention to the retention of store users, guide stores to carry out private traffic construction, while carrying out rich and various off-line cooperation and traffic exchange. Through multi-scene, multi-end omni-channel marketing to obtain and import traffic, establish the exclusive flow matrix of mobile digital store, and enhance store exposure.

In the retail store terminal for consumer shopping service experience improvement, from the basic store terminal exhibition combination, to mobile phone digital store unique service product enabling, under 's strong traffic enabling, the main station service demand users will be diverted to the store, complete the online shopping can not provide consumer experience services, improve mobile phone digital store full scene consumer service experience link At the same time, we will continue to explore the service of door-to-door service and break the half-hour life circle of consumers, leading businesses to effectively reach high-quality users around the store. mobile digital store launched gold mining business for customers of 3C digital offline stores, which can achieve interest-free repayment limitation for up to 21 days. In the business at the initial stage of store construction and supply chain cooperation during the store operation period, provide solutions for partners to make their cash flow more abundant, realize the use of 's money and 's goods, and can also enjoy interest-free repayment rights.

The ability training and construction of sales staff is also a bright spot that distinguishes mobile phone digital store from traditional stores. mobile phone digital store, together with various brand manufacturers, through training-assessment-certification full-link personnel capacity training system, to create the exclusive mobile phone digital store sales staff of the gold guide system. mobile phone digital store collaborates with various brand partners to carry out store exposure drainage to achieve cross-accurate customer acquisition, build user mind, and realize the direct benefits of the store. On the side of retail terminal stores, through various forms such as new store marketing, great promotion of marketing, new product marketing, live broadcast with goods, etc., combined with online and offline omni-channel marketing promotion, store exposure is carried out to increase the interest of consumers shopping in mobile digital store and improve the activity of mobile digital store. mobile digital store will own brand, service, traffic, training, supply chain capacity, omni-channel marketing, O2O capacity in the form of cooperation to join the service provider in the designated region, the specified time limit distribution rights and business rights. provides unified operation and management standards.

The franchisee joins as an independent legal person, retains its autonomy in personnel and finance, accepts the strong management and control of in its business and mode, and maintains a high degree of unity. mobile digital store firmly promises to operate stores legally and in compliance with regulations, and stores must abide by all the terms of the cooperation agreement, do not sell fake and shoddy products, do not disrupt market order, do not conceal false information, do not carry out commercial bribery, provide with real various qualifications and certification materials, and do not sublease, adjust the shop, change the main body of business or change the business use without the written consent of mobile digital store firmly promised that the store VI, dress, behavior in line with the national unified norms of stores, actively participate in brand marketing activities under the Jingdong line, and resolutely do nothing to damage 's brand image. The store operates stably during the authorization period and does not change the operating brand. mobile phone digital store firmly promised to serve customers as the center, adhere to authentic products, not false publicity, do not deceive customers, customers have any complaints, actively solve, the first time to appease and properly deal with. Firmly promise to uniformly use the security system, purchase, sale and storage management system, and cashier system required by to show real business data; abide by 's data security requirements and not maliciously obtain or disseminate any confidential information to the outside world. mobile digital store to establish online and offline shared user pool, the implementation of store customer acquisition policy, the use of marketing tools, store CRM system, all-channel user operation.

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