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BeyonCa signed a contract with Zhuji Municipal Government for the "New Power of car Building" founded by former Volkswagen executives.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- BeyonCa (Bingli), a new car-building force that calls itself a "luxury smart electric car brand", announced today through official account that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the people's Government of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province at Renault headquarters in Paris, France.

Shen Zhijiang, secretary of the Zhuji Municipal CPC Committee, said, "We are very much looking forward to carrying out deeper exchanges and cooperation with BeyonCa to jointly seize the window for the development of new energy vehicles." He also said that Zhuji is a thriving city of industry and science and technology.

According to Dong Guanghui, member of the standing Committee of Zhuji Municipal Party Committee, Zhuji City has also planned and built a number of characteristic industrial agglomeration parks, such as Intelligent Vision Industrial Park, Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, headquarters Base of Electric Drive system for New Energy vehicles, Semiconductor Industrial Park, and Henglong Auto parts City, which can provide upstream and downstream supporting services for the new energy automobile industry.

Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, chief technology officer of BeyonCa, said that the local policy support and supporting services for the new energy vehicle industry have enhanced the company's confidence in opening up the market and deepening cooperation. Note: BeyonCa is founded by Su Weiming, former global executive vice president of Volkswagen Group (now chairman of Renault China, CEO), which was founded in 2021. On December 3 of the same year, Bentley received investment from Dongfeng Motors, when it was reported that Dongfeng Motor was intended to be the first OEM of Bentley Motors, but there was no response afterwards.

In addition, the company announced a strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia-based investment group AI Faisaliah Group Holding Company (AFG) on October 23.

The brand's first model, the BeyonCa Opus 1, made its debut on October 30 last year, claiming to lock in the luxury smart electric car market and the standard Porsche Taycan. According to reports, the car has equipment that can collect the mood, heart rate, pulse and breathing information of the people in the car, as well as 800V high voltage platform, 130kWh battery and 300kW fast charging facilities or technology.

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