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Realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone unveiled: the industry's first superhard aluminum metal frame, with strength exceeding that of titanium alloy.

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, is being held at the realme new product launch conference, the real me GT5 Pro mobile phone officially unveiled.

According to introduction, the true GT5 Pro adopts star light track lens design, with 360° precision gear; the industry's first ultra-hard aluminum metal middle frame, strength exceeds titanium alloy, anti-drop performance up to 40%; both straight screen look, but also curved screen feel, challenge curved screen narrowest chin.

In addition, the red rock and bright moon color matching of the true GT5 Pro adopts high-end technology nano skin, which is known as "more than 500,000 times of wear resistance, more wear-resistant skin feeling," and the starry night color matching adopts star flash AG glass technology.

More news about the True Me GT5 Pro, brings later.

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