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Guo Mingyi: AAC and Goyle will be the leading beneficiaries of Apple's iPhone 16 phone, because voice input is the "key" of generative AI.

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Shulou( Report-- December 7, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingyi posted a post on the Medium platform this afternoon to predict the next generation of Apple iPhone.

Guo Mingyi believes that due to the popularity of generative AI this year, it is not difficult to predict that iPhone 16 will introduce innovative features related to AI, but the key is whether there is evidence to support this prediction.

Apple reorganized its Siri team in the third quarter of this year, with the goal of integrating areas related to generative AI or large language models, it said. On mobile phones, voice input will be the "key interface" of generative AI, so strengthening the software and hardware functions and specifications of Siri has become the key to popularizing generative AI.

Citing his latest findings, Guo Mingyi said that all iPhone 16 models will significantly upgrade their microphone specifications: they will be upgraded in terms of waterproofing and signal-to-noise ratio, of which signal-to-noise ratio will be a key upgrade to enhance the Siri experience. Guo Mingyi said that this may be one of the proof that Apple expects to integrate more AI functions as the main selling point of iPhone 16.

According to its forecast, the microphone supplier of iPhone16 will be AAC and Goyle, which is expected to have little difference in the proportion of supply. At the same time, thanks to the specification upgrade, the unit price of each iPhone 16 microphone will be at least 100-150% higher than that of the iPhone 15.

In addition, as AI devices are a key trend in consumer electronics in 2024, Guo Mingyi expects other Apple products and high-end Android phones to upgrade their microphones in the future, which will be a potential source of growth momentum for AAC and Goyle.

According to, the whistleblower Tech_Reve wrote on the X platform that Apple is using the Big language Model (LLM) to completely transform Siri into the "ultimate virtual assistant" and is preparing to develop it into the "most powerful" killer artificial intelligence application.

Tech_Reve also claimed that Apple, like Samsung, is focused on running on the device side while implementing related AI services in the cloud, because AI runs locally with faster response time, no network connection, and more privacy.

Foreign media The Information, Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, Bloomberg Mark Mark Gurman and others all believe that Apple will launch Siri assistants based on large language models in the WWDC24 as soon as possible.

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