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The highest level of software capability maturity model! 360Zhiyu successfully passed the CMMI level 5 certification.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, 360Zhiyu successfully passed the CMMI level 5 (CMMI-DEV V2.0) international certification and obtained the certification certificate, which marks the leading level in the industry in software research and development capabilities, implementation service delivery, project management capabilities and program delivery capabilities, and the R & D maturity has been recognized by international authorities.

How strong is the CMMI level 5 certification?

CMMI, whose full name is Capability Maturity Model Integration, namely "Software capability maturity Model Integration", is an internationally recognized authoritative standard for measuring the maturity of R & D capabilities of software enterprises, and represents the most advanced software engineering management method in the world. As one of the highest specification and most difficult certification in the international software industry, CMMI is also the highest certification to evaluate the standardization, standardization and maturity of software enterprises. The higher the certification level, the higher the maturity of enterprise software capabilities.

It is understood that CMMI certification is divided into 5 levels, covering 22 process areas, of which CMMI5 is the highest level and is also recognized as the "ceiling" of software development capability certification in the industry. According to its website, as of October 2023, 12571 companies around the world have passed CMMI certification (within the validity period), but only 17.41% have reached level 5 certification.

R & D and management capabilities are recognized at the highest level

This time, Zhiyu has successfully passed the CMMI level 5 international evaluation certification, mainly based on the achievements and experience accumulated in the process of implementing / managing digital collaboration for large-scale government and enterprises. The acquisition of CMMI level 5 certification also means that the R & D ability and innovation ability of 360Zhi language have been recognized by the authority, and important phased achievements have been made in the construction of product R & D system.

360 Zhiyu is an instant messaging and collaborative portal platform built by 360 Group, which is based on the needs and thinking of large-scale government and enterprises for office coordination in the digital transformation. 360 Zhiyu insists on deeply polishing its own products and constantly making breakthroughs and innovations. continue to enhance the core competitiveness of products, has maintained a leading edge in the industry.

As a "panoramic" digital portal platform, Zhiyu helps government and enterprise users to get through the information flow and workflow by building a unified work portal, realizing unified messaging, unified work portal, unified application and unified approval to do, etc., but also through deep integration of low code, Mini Program, SDK and other capabilities to create a new generation of open ecology, effectively integrate information resources for users, and drive digital innovation.

This year, based on the deep demand of logarithmic intelligent cooperation between large-scale government and enterprises, Zhi Yu has carried out a comprehensive intelligent upgrade of products and technologies, further explored multi-role AI office cooperation, realized all kinds of intelligent interactions under office collaboration scenes, and led digital collaborative innovation.

Realize the promotion of business-centered products

As an industry leader, Zhiyu continues to expand the field of digital collaborative enabling. At present, Zhi Yu is constantly breaking down the "barrier" of office collaboration, penetrating into the actual business scenarios of users, and integrating the capabilities of Zhi Yu IM, team, low code, and application integration with users' organization, business, processes, etc., while providing collaborative empowerment for multiple security businesses within the group. For users to really create a "business" as the center of digital collaboration.

"not only the office portal, but also the ability to deeply empower users." With the help of 360 weaving language, a number of large organizations from the government, aviation, military, energy, high-end manufacturing and other industries have broken down the "barriers" of complex organizations and created flexible work organizations centering on business cooperation as needed. and effectively achieve multi-level and more efficient business collaboration.

Based on the strong demand of the government and enterprises for the security, stability and independent control of the office platform, the platform adopts professional hybrid cloud architecture, privatized deployment, and fully supports the localization of Xinchuang, providing enterprise-level instant messaging, unified work portal, SDK, Xinchuang IM and collaborative platform and other product solutions. Zhiyu currently serves customers including state ministries, provincial, prefectural and municipal government agencies and thousands of central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and top 500 private enterprises.

360 Zhiyu has obtained a number of certifications and qualifications.

The success of CMMI 5 certification means that Zhangyu can provide government and enterprise users with more mature industry solutions and higher quality products and services, and also lays a solid technical foundation for the continuous innovation and upgrading of the company's products. In the future, 360Zhiyu will also implement the essence of CMMI, continue to carry out product R & D and innovation, constantly upgrade product capabilities, make greater efforts to create differentiated products and services, help governments and enterprises accelerate the process of digital transformation, and release the real value of digital transformation.

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